fishing for money n.
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Fishing For Money

Fishing For Money

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Fishing For Money

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  1. Fishing For Money “So don’t be a stumbling block to anyone, whether they are Jews or Gentiles or Christians. That is the plan I follow, too. I try to please everyone in everything I do, not doing what I like or what is best for me but what is best for them, so that they may be saved.” 1 Corinthians 10:32-33, TLB

  2. The Facts, Please! • When Jesus was on earth, the Roman Empire, which ruled over the Jews, made them pay income and property taxes, plus taxes on almost everything they did or bought. Besides that, there were religious taxes. Peter went fishing for money to pay a religious due- the temple tax.

  3. The Facts, Please! • Jewish law said that each Jew had to pay a half-shekel for the temple tax. A silver coin, the four-drachma, equaled a shekel in Jesus’ day. It paid the tax for two people.

  4. Golan Museum - Qatzrin  January 2006 from:

  5. The Facts, Please! • There is a fish in Palestine called the St. Peter’s fish. It is also called the tilapia. These strange fish carry their eggs in their mouth. Later, their young fish live there. Even when the little fish go in search of food, they return to the mother’s mouth. When a mother wants to keep her young ones out of her mouth, she picks up an object and holds it. A bright object, like a coin, especially attracts her.

  6. The Facts, Please! • Although Palestinian fishermen usually caught fish with a net, Jesus told Peter to throw in a hook and line, because only one fish was needed.

  7. Bible Story: Peter’s Strange Catch (Matthew 17:24-27)

  8. What would you do? • The friend you are playing with must clean his (or her) room. You have permission to go and play with another friend. Would you stay and help your friend clean the room or go play somewhere else?

  9. What would you do? • You are visiting a crippled child, who asks you to stay and play a quiet game. Some of your friends ask you to play in a ballgame. Which would you do?

  10. What would you do? • You have been paid to rake the front yard belonging to an old lady. Her backyard needs raking, too, but she can’t pay you to do both. Would you rake both yards or only the one?

  11. What would you do? • It’s your little sister’s turn to do the dishes, but she wants to go to a birthday party and doesn’t have time to wash dishes. Would you wash the dishes for her?

  12. What would you do? • You paid tithe and gave an extra offering for missions. You are planning to buy a DVD with the rest of your money. The pastor takes up an offering for a family whose home burned up. Would you give them some money or buy the DVD?

  13. What would you do? • Which of your answers could help you win a soul to Jesus or influence a new Christian to be Christlike?