windows storage directions windows vista and beyond
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Windows Storage Directions: Windows Vista And Beyond

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Windows Storage Directions: Windows Vista And Beyond - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Windows Storage Directions: Windows Vista And Beyond. John Loveall Group Program Manager WDEG Storage Devices Microsoft Corporation. Windows Storage Making some news!. New solutions announced using Microsoft iSCSI boot and iSCSI target….

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windows storage directions windows vista and beyond

Windows Storage Directions: Windows Vista And Beyond

John LoveallGroup Program ManagerWDEG Storage DevicesMicrosoft Corporation

windows storage making some news
Windows StorageMaking some news!

New solutions announcedusing Microsoft iSCSI boot and iSCSI target…

Windows Vista group policy controlsmanage USB flash drives…

Welcome to Storage

at WinHEC 2006!

SATA-IO andMicrosoft workto simplify device qualificationfor industry…

Microsoft announces new support for optical media…

session outline and goals
Session Outline And Goals
  • Microsoft’s key investments:Explain the investment pillarssupporting storage devices
  • Storage at WinHEC 2006:Provide pointers and recommendationsto attendees on storage-related activities
  • Windows Vista enhancements:Provide detailed information aboutstorage features not coveredin other sessions
windows storage devices strategic pillars
Storage Fabrics Server/Enterprise

Personal Storage Client/Consumer

Optical Platform Client/Consumer

Windows Storage DevicesStrategic pillars

Leading platform enabling storage fabric adoption

Optimized platform features enabling your Windows experience,here and now

Timely, comprehensive, quality platform support for optical devices

Preferred platform for developing, deploying, and using storage devices

PreferredStorage Platform Partner/Customer

storage fabrics enabling storage fabric adoption

Provide the best storage fabric supportof any platform by enabling more customers to attach to storage networks with higher performance and reliability

Storage FabricsServer/Enterprise

Storage FabricsEnabling storage fabric adoption
storage fabrics related winhec 2006 activities
Storage FabricsServer/EnterpriseStorage FabricsRelated WinHEC 2006 activities
  • Storage Track
    • Windows SAN: Resolving Technical Barriersto Adoption and Deployment
    • Enabling Diskless Windows Boot with iSCSI
    • Storage Management Directions
  • Server Track
    • Windows Enterprise Storage Directions
    • Windows Server Manageability Directions and Updates
personal storage your windows experience here and now
Personal Storage Client/ConsumerPersonal StorageYour windows experience, here and now


Devices to PC:Axes Definingthe Landscape




Bus Speed

Smart Phones

and PDAs

Independent power

Storage Capacity

Connectivity(Bus Speed)

Portability (Size)

Power (Independence)

Processing Power

High Bandwidth(1+ GB/s)




Personal Storage Devices



None /Low

personal storage related winhec 2006 activities
Personal Storage Client/ConsumerPersonal StorageRelated WinHEC 2006 activities
  • Storage Track
    • Personal Storage: Opportunitiesand Challenges for Pocket-SizedStorage Devices in the Windows World
  • System Fundamentals – Mobility Track
    • Ultra-Mobile PC Design: An Introduction
  • Sponsor Session - Lexar
    • USB Flash Drives – Protecting Data – Enhancing Storage
optical platform comprehensive support inbox








Volume/File System

Optical Platform Client/Consumer

Optical PlatformComprehensive support inbox




Data Read/Write

optical platform related winhec 2006 activities
Optical Platform Client/ConsumerOptical PlatformRelated WinHEC 2006 activities
  • Storage Track
    • Optical Platform:Windows Vista and Beyond
  • Media Track
    • HD DVD and Windows Vista:Futures and Opportunities
preferred storage platform optimized for developing deploying and using storage devices
PreferredStorage Platform Partner/CustomerPreferred Storage PlatformOptimized for developing,deploying, and using storage devices
  • Development
  • Manufacturability
  • Diagnosibility
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Ease of Use



Optimized Platform

preferred storage platform related winhec 2006 activities
PreferredStorage Platform Partner/CustomerPreferred Storage PlatformRelated WinHEC 2006 activities
  • Storage Track
    • Before Terabytes Fail: Disk Reliabilityin Windows Vista and Beyond
    • Hybrid Hard Disk and ReadyDrive™ Technology:Improving Performance and Powerfor Windows Vista Mobile PCs
    • Windows Vista Storage Support and Logo Requirements
    • Windows Vista Storage I/O Prioritization
    • The Windows Storage Driver Stack in Depth
  • Business Track
    • Windows Backup: The Next Generation
core windows vista enhancements in storage

Core Windows Vista Enhancements In Storage

Extras Not Covered in Other Sessions!

core windows vista enhancements in storage1
Core Windows Vista Enhancements In Storage
  • NTFS
    • Transactions
    • Self Healing
    • Symbolic Links
  • Backup/Restore
  • Large sector support
transactional enhancements in ntfs
Transactional Enhancements In NTFS
  • Transactional NTFS (TxF)
    • Transact to any file systemoperation or set of operations
      • Full Atomic, Isolated, Consistent,Durable semantics supported
    • Coordinate work with
      • Single or Multiple Files
      • Across multiple volumes
      • Remote file systems (in server)
      • Registry (now transacted)
      • SQL Server, MSMQ, etc.
transactional enhancements in ntfs1
Transactional Enhancements In NTFS
  • Common Log File System
    • High performance, robust, multi-stream,logging subsystem
    • Support simple logging or complextransactional logging
  • Filter Manager
    • Provides transactional framework for mini-filters
    • Easily write filters which participate in transactions
  • Kernel Transaction Manager
    • Write your own transactional resource in the kernel or user mode
    • Legacy filters can use KTM to participate in a transaction
using kernel transactions
Using Kernel Transactions
  • Nt: Zw/NtCreateTransaction(…)
  • Win32: CreateTransaction()
  • Kernel Mode
    • IoCreateFile()
      • ExtraCreateParameters specifies transaction handle
  • User Mode
    • SetCurrentTransaction() sets transaction in the TEB
    • Create/Delete/Update etc. picks up the current transaction and creates a transacted file handle
self healing in ntfs
Self-Healing In NTFS
  • What?
    • Think Chkdsk on the fly
    • Detection and repair file system corruptionsnon-intrusive and non-disruptive to the userin most cases
  • Why?
    • Increase file system availability
  • Improvements
    • Dedicated Self-healing worker thread triggeredby detection of corruption
    • Only Corrupted files/folder inaccessible during repairsunlike lock of the entire volume
    • Allow authorized users to administer and monitor repair operations. Initiating on-disk verification, waitingon completion of repair and receiving progress status
symbolic links in ntfs
Symbolic Links In NTFS
  • What?
    • Redirection mechanism –the target file or directorycan be local as well as remote
  • Why?
    • Enables migrations fromUnix environments to Windows
    • Provides a platform primitivefor transparent redirectionof files or directories
symbolic links in ntfs1
Symbolic Links In NTFS


  • A symbolic link is always evaluatedby the originating machine
  • Remote file/directory target using UNCpath names
  • Symbolic links to directories will havethe “directory bit” set
  • Registry keys to enable/disable evaluation of symlinkson granular level ( Local->Local, Local->Remote etc.)
  • A special privilege is required to create symlinks,granted only to elevated administrators by default
  • Only available on Windows Vista and future OS’es
  • Only a NTFS feature
backup restore enhancements
Backup/Restore Enhancements

Completely new features

  • Based on volume shadow copy technology
  • New support for optical media

Windows Vista

  • Simple UI, targeted at consumers
  • File backup and block-level system backup

Windows Server codenamed “Longhorn”

  • Focused on single-server backup
  • Same block-level engine as client backup
  • Restore disks, files, and databases

Note: No inbox tape application (OS still tape-compatible)

large sector drives
Large-Sector Drives
  • HDD manufacturers are movingto drives with larger sector sizes
    • Traditionally, sectors have been512 bytes in size
    • New drives may have 1 K, 2 K, or 4 K sectors
    • For backward compatibility,some drives will be mixed
      • 512 byte logical sectors with 4 K physical sectors
  • Necessary to continue making stridesin size, performance and reliability
windows vista support for large sector drives
Windows Vista SupportFor Large-Sector Drives
  • Windows Vista’s storage stackwill support large-sector drives
    • IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTYwill return both logical and physical sector sizes
  • Applications may still need modification
    • Use the IOCTL to determinephysical sector size
    • A physical sector will be the unit of atomic write
    • Especially important for database-style apps
call to action
Call To Action
  • Understand, support, and takeadvantage of storage enhancements coming in Windows Vista
  • Look for synergy between your future plans for storage device product and feature development and Microsoft’skey pillars for investment
  • Use the guidance presentedhere to optimize yourattendance at WinHEC 2006!
additional resources
Additional Resources
  • Email contact for WinHEC 2006 Storage:
  • Ask The Experts
    • Tuesday and Thursday Storage Sessions

Hec6stor @

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