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  1. The Josper Type LBC oven and grill is available in three sizes and is supplied with a front opening cupboard which houses the lower air controls and ash bin. Mounted on legs and fitted with castors as standard, this model is supplied with a stainless steel outer cabinet which locks together around the oven. Above the main cooking chamber there is a general food storage/warming area which has an attractive arched double doors and which is supplied with internal wire shelving. The cupboard is warmed entirely from heat generated from the oven beneath it. There is also a front lowered removable kick plate to allow the oven to be removed for cleaning. This also acts as an insulated barrier for ‘butting-up’ to other kitchen equipment. All ovens are supplied with one meat grill rack and a firebreak and hat as standard. However, we recommend that an additional rack is purchased to provide greater capacity and versatility when cooking. Made in Spain, the Josper charcoal oven is a ‘closed’ barbeque oven, manufactured using the traditional methods and highest quality materials. The oven is fired by coals that are spread across the base, whilst the vent at the bottom is closed to prevent the coal burning out and to control the oven temperature. Using a system of ‘adjustable draughts’, the Josper oven allows greater heat control and faster cooking speeds than a traditional barbeque but with no loss of flavour! The dual function oven and grill allows you to cook any sort of food – from chops to fillets of fish, from seafood to succulent roasts. Even vegetables can be cooked easily, as well as pizzas and homemade desserts – the results are truly amazing! The Josper grill and oven features in Jestic’s superb Test Kitchen and Development centre, operated by Executive Chef, Michael Eyre. Michael has extensive experience of menu development for many well known High Street names and is more than willing to share his skills, tips and tricks with you. Ideally located 40 minutes outside of London in Paddock Wood, Kent, the test kitchen offers a relaxed atmosphere and friendly environment in which we can offer advice and expertise on using the products to produce the best food possible.