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Vermont wedding photographer

Hello and welcome!

My name is Amy

Bennett. I’m a


photographer living in

Burlington, Vermont. I

specialize in wedding,

portrait and lifestyle

photography. I love

shooting just about

anything that makes me


Vermont wedding photographer

When it comes to weddings, I

am a professional picture-

maker and memory saver, but

YOU are the expert. Long

before I pick up my camera, my

first job is to listen to your

hopes, desires and dreams.

What kind of wedding are you

having?What stories do you wish to

tell? Which images do you imagine

returning to again and again on your

first, 15th and 50th wedding

anniversaries?Your answers

will help guide my work and

make sure you get exactly

what you want—and then


Vermont wedding photographer

I bring a tremendous

amount of experience to

your wedding day. Much

of that experience was

hard earned over the

course of the last

decade. I have

photographed hundreds

of weddings,

engagements, portraits

and events in a wide

variety of locations.

Vermont wedding photographer

From my home state of Vermont to my adopted town of Cabo

San Lucas Mexico, I have shot inside, outside and

everywhere in between. I have captured couples on their

boats in Lake Tahoe and the vineyards of Napa.

I am fortunate to have seen so many beautiful

couples celebrate in many ways around the world

and more fortunate to share that knowledge with

many up and coming photographers along the

way. I hope that you consider me to be your

Vermont wedding photographer.

Vermont wedding photographer

If there was ever a time to

slow down the clock, it would

be at your wedding. All of the

thinking and planning and

anticipation culminate in a few

fast hours. Your photographs

allow you to savor the smiles,

laughter, connections and

love that you and your partner

created long after you’ve said

your vows and basked in the

deliciousness of your


Vermont wedding photographer

Hiring a wedding photographer is a partnership. And

while far less complex than a marriage, it’s a relationship

that matters more than you might think. On one of the

most important days of your life, you want to be able to

trust your photographer implicitly.

I work closely with my clients to ensure I know what they

want. And I make it my goal to surpass their expectations.

Since I’ll be your shadow for the day, it would be a shame not

to have some fun. Seriousness has its place. But so do

laughter and silliness. Communication, kindness and respect

are also paramount to our shared success. I incorporate each

of these tenants into everything I do and I’m happy to say, so

far so good.

Vermont wedding photographer

I recommend incorporating

a wedding photographer

into your planning process

as soon as possible. I am

happy to assist with

everything from the timeline

to the color schemes to

your selection of vendors.

Whenever possible, I

encourage my clients to

schedule a photo session

before the wedding when

things are slightly calmer

and more relaxed.

Vermont wedding photographer

At the very least, I welcome

lots of communication

through Skype calls and

emails so I can get to know

you and your fiancé in

advance of the big day.