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« ERASMUS FOR ALL » A Single Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport (2014-2020) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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« ERASMUS FOR ALL » A Single Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport (2014-2020) EUCIS-LLL 13 December 2011. International higher education programmes: Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Alfa, Edulink, Bilateral Programmes. Grundtvig Erasmus Leonardo Comenius. Lifelong Learning

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A Single Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport (2014-2020)


13 December 2011


higher education


Erasmus Mundus,


Alfa, Edulink, Bilateral









Youth in Action


A Streamlined architecture

Existing programmes

A single integrated programme

Erasmus for All










  • Specific activities:

  • Jean Monnet

  • Sport

3 Key actions

Key action 1:

Learning mobility of individuals

Key action 2:

Co-operation for innovation

and good practices

Key action 3:

Support for policy reform

Learning mobility
Learning Mobility

  • Modernising education through chances to learn abroad:

    ►Students: higher education and vocational training

    ►Masters students: a new loan guarantee mechanism

    ►Youth: international volunteering and youth exchanges

    ►Staff: teachers, trainers, school leaders and youth workers

    ►International dimension: mobility for EU and non-EU beneficiaries

Erasmus master loan guarantee scheme

Erasmus Master- Loan Guarantee scheme


No support for degree mobility at master level

National grants/loans often not portable

More inclusive access to mobility

Leverage effect of EU budget


Managed by the European Investment Fund (EIF)


Students who wish to study a full Masters degree in another participating country

Average of 47.000 loans a year


EU Budget provides part guarantee against non-repayment – technicalities dealt within the debt platform and in cooperation with EIF, ECFIN and BUDG

In return, banks/student loan agencies must agree to offer favourable terms (interest rates, repayment terms, grace periods etc.)

Cooperation for innovation
Cooperation for innovation

  • Modernising education through cooperation:

    ► Partnerships between education institutions, youth organisations, training institutions and other actors

    ► Large-scale coooperation between education and business: ‘Knowledge Alliances’ and ‘sector Skills Alliances’

    ► Connecting students and staff via web platforms

    ► Helping modernisation of universities in third countries

Support for policy reform
Support for policy reform

  • Modernising education through policy support:

    ► Evidence based support for effective education investment

    ► Development and promotion of EU wide tools to assess and recognise skills

    ► Peer learning and cross-fertilization between education systems

International dimension
International Dimension

Objective (MMF Communication): incorporate all existing international programmes (Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Alfa, and Edulink) to: (1) put an end to the current fragmentation; (2) enhance the global visibility and impact and (3) increase efficiency.

1. International opening of Erasmus: more mobility

of students and staff between EU – non EU in both


2. Joint Master courses of high quality offered by

consortium of EU/non EU universities to attract the

very best students worldwide

3. Specific support with neighbourhood countries:

More cooperation between universities for capacity building and

more student and staff mobility, in line with development


  • Rest of the world: More cooperation between universities

    in the EU and rest of the world for capacity building, in line with

    development objectives

Jean monnet
Jean Monnet

  • Erasmus for all will Include support for teaching and research on European integration via Jean Monnet activities

  • We maintain the Institutional support for College of Europe (Bruges and Natolin) and the European Institute of Florence

  • We open a competitive support to other institutions based on excellence and added value

  • The Jean Monnet Chair continues to be a key component

  • We propose the creation of the Jean Monnet Label of Excellence


  • Focus on grassroots sport activities (not the top professional level)

  • Tackle transnational threats to sport (amateur doping, match-fixing, violence, racism, intolerance)

  • Develop European Cooperation in sport (improving good governance, promoting dual careers for athletes

  • Social inclusion in sport and health enhancement

  • Erasmus for all will Support the European dimension of Sport




Indicative allocations expressed in percentage:

  • 25 % for higher education;

  • 17 % for vocational education and training and adult learning (of which 2 % for adult learning);

  • 7 % for schools;

  • 7 % for youth

Budget implementation architecture
Budget implementation architecture

  • Management by National Agencies: 12,35 billion € (65%)

    • Learning mobility of individuals (excluding joint/double degree) also for the international dimension

    • Cooperation for innovation and good practices: Strategic partnerships between education institutions or between youth organisations and/or relevant actors

  • Centralised management by Executive Agency : 6,65 billion € (35%)

  • Learning mobility of HE students in joint/double degree

  • Cooperation for innovation and good practices: Knowledge alliances, Sector Skills alliances, Capacity building in third countries, IT support platforms

  • Support to policy reform: Support to open method of coordination, EU transparency tools, Policy dialogue

    Centralised management by EC : Residual

Management system


EC sets management rules

MS designates Nantional Agency

MS issues ex-ante declaration of assurance on National Agency

MS delivers yearly declaration of assurance on National Agency compliance and accounts

MS in charge of audits and control of National Agency

Good results but heavy and continuous workload on MS

Difficult match with timing requirements for Annual Activity Report


EC sets management rules

MS designates National Agency and independent audit body

MS issues ex-ante compliance assurance on National Agency

National Agency provides yearly management declaration of assurance with independent audit report

MS supervises national system and informs EC

High assurance level kept, but with less burden for MS

In tune with timing requirements for Annual Activity Report

Management system

Estimated output figures
Estimated output figures

  • Up to 5 millionpeople overall will benefit from mobility opportunities during 2014-2020 (versus 2.8 million in 2007-2013) ;

  • Over 2 200 000 higher education students and730 000 vocational students will spend a part of their education abroad, including about 700 000 traineeships in companies ;

  • Nearly 1 millionteachers, trainers, education staff and youth workers will acquire new teaching and learning methods abroad ;

  • 330 000 Master students will benefit from the new loan guarantee scheme ;

  • 540 000 young people will be given the opportunity to volunteer or participate in youth exchanges ;

  • 34 000 joint degree students (between EU and non-EU universities) ;

  • Over 20 000 Strategic Partnerships involving 115 000 institutions / organisations ;

  • 400 Knowledge and Sector skills Alliances involving 4000 education institutions.