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create an APA-style header using Microsoft Word 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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create an APA-style header using Microsoft Word 2007

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create an APA-style header using Microsoft Word 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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quick tips for creating an APA template. create an APA-style header using Microsoft Word 2007. Trinity Writing Center (2011). keep in mind ….

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quick tips for creating an APA template

create an APA-style header using Microsoft Word 2007

Trinity Writing Center (2011)


keep in mind …

This presentation applies directly to Microsoft Word 2007. If you have an earlier or later version of Word, the steps are the same, but the commands differ slightly.

You can still benefit from viewing this presentation, regardless of your version of Word.

Information presented here is based on guidelines from the 6th edition of the APA manual.

You should always follow your instructors’ requirements, even if they differ from the advice offered here.

title page header
title page header

Open the header by double-clicking it. The header is located at the top of the page.

Once the header is open, you will see a dashed blue line with the label “Header”. The cursor will now be at the top of the page on the left, and the header and footer design tab will be open.

Double-click the blank area at the top of the page to open the header.


Note the Design tab, cursor and header line. You are almost ready to type your header.

title page header continued
title page header, continued
  • APA style requires that the title page header be different from the header on subsequent pages. On the Header & Footer Design tab, click the check box that says “Different First Page”.

Now it’s time to insert the page number. Click the Insert tab, then click the Page Number menu. Choose Top of Page, Plain Number 3 to put the page number in the upper right corner of the page.

Click the check box that says “Different First Page” before typing anything into the header.

Under the Insert tab, expand the Page Number Menu and choose the third option under Top of Page, called “Plain Number 3”.

running head
Running head:

Once you’ve inserted your page number, you should type the header for the title page. First type the words Running head followed by a colon. Note that only the first letter of the phrase is capitalized. Space once, and type the title of your paper in all caps.

Hit the Tab key once or twice to position the Running head on the left side of the page.

You must type the words Running head followed by a colon in the title page header, and then type the title of your paper in all caps.

The Running head should be flush with the left margin, and the page number should be flush with the right.


page 2 and beyond
page 2 and beyond

After you’ve positioned the Running head and page number on the title page, close the header by double clicking below the dashed blue line. Insert a page break by pressing Ctrl + Enter or by using the Insert menu. Double click to open the header on page 2.

Follow the same steps to insert the page number and header, but this time, do not type the words Running head. Just insert the page number, type your title in all caps, and tab it over

to the left margin.

If you clicked the Different First Page check box, the second page header will be blank.


The words Running head appear only on the title page.


completed header
completed header

The second page header will appear on all subsequent pages of your essay. Once you’ve created the second page header, you can close the header and begin typing your title page. Be sure to save your document often so you don’t lose changes!

Your title page header should look like this.

Here is the second page header, which will appear throughout the rest of the essay.


moving forward …

Once you’ve formatted your header, you can add assignment and course information to the title page and begin typing your abstract or essay on page 2.

The second presentation in this series will cover spacing, title page information, and formatting for the body of your essay.

If you have questions about this or any other writing-related matter, feel free to make an appointment at the Trinity Writing Center.

Click here to fill out the writing center’s online appointment request form.