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  1. WebSphere Commerce – Express V5.6Fast, affordable e-commerce solutions for mid-sized companiesOverview for <company name><date> <name> <title>

  2. E-Commerce in 2004: Positive Outlook Surveys, analyst reports indicate a major resurgence in e-commerce B2B Projects to Surge by More Than 40%, B2C Projects Increase by 20%, Evans Data Corp, 2004 “It wasn't all hype. For companies as well as consumers, e-commerce is hotter than ever”Business Week, 2003 The e-commerce time-out has ended. Aberdeen, 2003 “B2B and B2C e-commerce via the Internet continues to grow, with e-commerce returning as a business priority in 2004.” Giga, 2003 “34% of manufacturers say that they will increase their eCommerce investment in 2004…making it the highest increase among all categories” Forrester, 2003 “…decision makers cited eCommerce investments as having the most upside – 35% of firms will spend more next year on initiatives for transaction with buyers and suppliers online.” Forrester, 2003 ¼ of mid-market firms are selling online and 30% more plan to do so in the next 12 months – AMI Partners, 2003 “Networked business-to-business transactions now stand at $2.4 trillion” - Forrester Research “e-commerce represents a growing investment within Global 2000 enterprises as they begin to move toward next-gen sell-side environments” Meta Group, 2003

  3. Interact with complete context Automate best processes Deploy & Adapt rapidly &flexibly Integrate across & beyond the enterprise IBM WebSphere Commerce:Powering the Value Chain IBM – leading the industry in e-commerce • 7 years proven experience and thousands of customers • Leader year after year in Gartner e-commerce Magic Quadrant • Built on market-leading WebSphere middleware platform • Industry-leading features and ability to support variety of solutions and verticals WebSphere Commerce solutions allow you to deploy a wide variety of value chain initiatives -- from a simple online sales channel, to e-procurement, to a completely integrated multi-tier demand chain -- all on a single platform.

  4. Just a Few of Our Customers…

  5. IBM WebSphere Commerce: Proud of Our Many Customers

  6. Any or all commerce initiatives built on a single, unified platform CONFIGURABLE BUSINESS PROCESSES TOOLS Configurable Business Processes Marketing Merchandising & Selling Catalog &Content Trading OrderManagement DigitalMedia Self-service business tools to configure processes Robust, out-of-box business processes enable best practices Business Administrator Developer BUSINESS CONTEXT ENGINE Individualized interactions based on unique business relationships Relationships & Agreements Personalization Globalization Analytics IBM BUSINESS INTEGRATION Manage Integrate Interact Transform Model Built on a scalable platform designed for business integration WebSphere Commerce Solution Architecture

  7. Business Context Engine: Contextual Experience Management Configurable Business Processes Tools Contextual Experience Management Understanding the customer & where they are in the sales lifecycle A consistent “total experience” across points of contact Use everything you know to deliver the right content, capabilities, offers • Locale • Profile & preferences • Behavior & history • Organizational attributes • Role & associated workflow • Policies, agreements, contracts Business Context Engine IBM Middleware Infrastructure Personalization Globalization Analytics Roles, Relationships & Agreements • Multi-channel interactions with customers • Targeted offers, promotions, recommendations • Rich content delivery • Interactions & transactions with business customers, suppliers, partners Informs (& learns from)… For…

  8. Digital Media Enabler Supporting on-line mgmt., sale and distribution of digital assets. The WebSphere Commerce Family Powering the Value Chain for Selling, Buying and Channel Management Business Edition Optimize both direct and indirect channels by capturing and deploying best practices across the extended demand chain. Adds: Channel Management Contract and Policy Management Professional Edition Deliver a consistent, personalized user experience across multiple channels to maximize customer loyalty and walletshare. Advanced Roles and Relationships Collaborative Workspaces Adds: Advanced Analytics, Data Mining Live Help Collaboration Reseller Hosting Commerce-Express An easily installed, affordable, yet complete solution enabling growing mid-market companies to do business on the Web. Collaborative Filtering Supplier Enablement Advanced Product Search Aids Buy-Side Support Improved Scalability Multi-round RFQ Basic B2C or B2B Storefront, Shopping Experience Clustering Support Targeted Marketing Merchandising Personalization Order Management Business Analytics Extended Demand Chain Advanced Multichannel Entry e-Commerce

  9. WebSphere Commerce – Express V5.6 Helping Midmarket Firms Jump-start or Expand their e-Business • Quickly and easily installed and deployed • Built to install and configure fast and easily • SMB-friendly Starter Stores, Catalog Import Utility, “lite” development tools speed store creation • Low total cost of ownership for a complete end-to-end e-commerce solution NEW! V5.6 GA 4/30 • Packaged offering meets production, staging and development needs at 34% lower price than MSCS • Streamlined design helps keep cost of services low Easy to use and administer • Wizard-based tools for marketing/merchandising • Intuitive product management tools to manage catalog Supports open standards, other platforms • Customers not locked into proprietary platform choice • Java-based, 100% J2EE-compliant, and supports Linux, i Series and Windows "We need an infrastructure that is truly extensible so a two-person business can act, look, and feel like the best of big business. With WebSphere Commerce – Express we have an engine that can race with the big boys and win." - Bruce Camber, Director, Small Business School “There are just so many things I like about WebSphere Commerce - Express. Everything works just the way it should. With it we’ve been able to create an entirely new sales channel for our company. With V5.6, IBM continues to demonstrate that they are committed to smaller customers like us.”– Bob Ernst, IT Mgr., Mike Castrucci Chevrolet

  10. WebSphere Commerce – Express V5.6: Designed for Medium Businesses • Quick Install lets you start building your store in a little over an hour • Starter Stores and Catalog Import Utility get your store online fast • New “lite” development environment • 100% Java-based, J2EE-compliant; WAS-consistent for easy integration • Includes DB2 Express and co-exists with other Express offerings such as WAS Express, Portal Express Easy to Integrate Easy to Install • Store Configurator and Change Page editor w/ simple GUI make it easy to update store - no JSP or Java skills required! • Intuitive Product Mgmt. Tool lets business users easily manage catalog, pricing etc. Easy to Manage Easy to Learn/Use • Intuitive wizard-based GUI of marketing, site admin tools makes it easy to manage site, create promotions, campaigns • Competitive feature set delivers capabilities needed to get started plus advanced features to grow into • All features offered consistently across all platforms • Upgrades to Professional or Business Edition; credit given for WCE purchase • 100% of customized code migrates as is • Supports Windows, i Series, Linux/Intel Right Function Extensible, Flexible • Everything required for production, staging and site development in one package - a complete end-to-end e-commerce solution for B2C or B2B • At only $20K per processor you get everything you need for production, staging, development at one affordable price point – 34% less than MSCS! Complete Solution Affordably Priced

  11. WebSphere Commerce – Express V5.6: Delivering Improvement Across the Entire Project Timeline Focusing on “time to value” from installation and deployment through site lifetime… Create Store Look/Feel Manage and Maintain Customize Store Features Install and configure Create Catalog Backend Integration Test and Deploy • Faster Install Time • WCE portion 50% faster • Better Install Screens • Improved Messages • Store Model Improvements • Simpler, easier to understand/customize • Catalog Import Utility • Speeds catalog creation • Uses Excel spreadsheet as input • Lite Development Environment • 85% faster start-up • Memory footprint reduced by 2/3 • WBI Modeler Process Maps • Crisply lays out all WC processes, reducing customization cost • Great tool for partners • Improved UI for Business Users • 50-75% fewer steps • Time on task better by as much as 193% • User sat. improved as much as 60%

  12. Installation complete. WebSphere Commerce - Express: Quick Install Saves Time and Effort • From shrink-wrap to full installation faster and in fewer steps than the competition • Variety of topologies supported • “Quick Install” for one server implementation • “Custom Install” splits stack out on up to three servers Pop in a few CDs and go to lunch – you’ll be ready to publish and begin customizing your store site when you get back.

  13. WebSphere Commerce – Express:Express “Starter Store” Streamlines Customization Delivers all the core capabilities required for a basic B2B or B2C store front – and easily allows more advanced features to be configured if needed

  14. WebSphere Commerce – Express: Complete Set of Powerful, Easy to Use Tools for LOB Users

  15. Change Store Style Change Store Colors Change Page Text Add Banner WebSphere Commerce – Express: Store Editing Tools Giving midmarket business users more control over the look and feel of their e-commerce site

  16. Targeted Campaigns & Promotions Hello Allison – Welcome Back! Discounts & Coupons WebSphere Commerce – Express: Marketing, Merchandising and Selling Capabilities Guided Selling E-Mail Campaigns Provides a powerful, industry-leading set of features to help you drive customer loyalty and maximize site revenue

  17. Packages,Bundles Cross-Sell, Up-Sell WebSphere Commerce – Express: Marketing, Merchandising and Selling Capabilities Auctions

  18. WebSphere Commerce – Express: Intuitive Catalog and Content Management Tools Empowering business users to create, update and manage online catalog data with full control of features and attributes Product Management Tooling

  19. Member’s Only Login Requisition List Purchase Orders Purchase Order Number WebSphere Commerce – Express: Additional B2B Capabilities

  20. WebSphere Commerce – Express: Powerful Analytics • Data Warehouse Technology • 87 source extraction tables • Over 200 data expansion tables for easy data access • Extract, Transform and Load • Predefined extractions • Custom and enhanced extractions • Tight Commerce Accelerator Integration throughout • Analytic information accessible from the Business User’s Interface • Reporting Framework for Information Delivery • 250 Delivered Reports • Report Integration Kits for 3rd Party Reports • Information Builders • Cognos • Brio • Crystal

  21. WebSphere Commerce–Express Pricing vs. MSCS: 34% Less! The pricing scenario vs. Microsoft you and your customers have been waiting for!

  22. WebSphere Commerce – Express helps Mike Castrucci Chevrolet Start Selling Fast Up and selling in just five weeks… New site is driving thousands of hits each day “There are just so many things I like about WebSphere Commerce - Express. Everything works just the way it should. With it we’ve been able to create an entirely new sales channel for our company. With V5.6, IBM continues to demonstrate that they are committed to smaller customers like us.” – Bob Ernst, IT Mgr., Mike Castrucci Chevrolet

  23. WebSphere Commerce – Express: Summary Jump-start or expand your online presence with a fast, affordable solution tailored to your needs that can generate immediate business value and rapid ROI • Affordable, but Complete -priced 34% less than the leading competitor with “all-in-one” licensing to meet your production, staging, development needs • Quickly and Easily Installed - getting you ready to begin creating and customizing your site in as little as one hour - resulting in lower service costs • Easy to Implement - “Express” store model and fast-path guide gets you to your production site fast • Ready Now, but Built for the Future with the capabilities you need to get started now out-of-the-box and advanced features you can grow into • Easy to Administerand Manage - with wizard-based tools letting you manage your site effectively without special technical skills • Reliable and Robust - built on WebSphere, a rock-solid e-business infrastructure that can level the playing field with larger companies • Built on Open Standards, WebSphere Commerce-Express frees your company from proprietary platform restrictions

  24. Thank YouBusiness Partner Name, date, contact

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  26. IBM WebSphere Commerce:The Industry Leader in e-Commerce • Software & Information Industry Association Codie Awards (SIIA) • Best eBusiness Solution • Best eCommerce Solution Gartner eCommerce Magic Quadrant

  27. WebSphere Commerce Configurable Business Processes Tools Business Context Engine IBM Business Integration WebSphere Commerce V5.6 Announcement Summary Solution Enhancements • Designed to integrate people, processes, and information • Tied to core offerings B2B Extended Demand Chains Single Integrated Platform B2C MultiChannel Enablement Integrated People, Processes, Info Faster Time to Value / Lower TCO Release Themes • Enhancements reflected in all Solutions / offerings • Map to capabilities SMB Appeal Improved Business User Experience Solution Architecture • Single, Integrated platform powered by the Business Context Engine Announcement 4/20, GA 4/30

  28. WebSphere Commerce Portfolio Pricing WebSphere Commerce Business Edition @ $125K / processor • WebSphere Commerce Developer Business Edition @ $25K / seat WebSphere Commerce Professional Edition @ $80K / processor • WebSphere Commerce Developer Professional Edition @ $15K / seat WebSphere Commerce – Express @ $20K / processor (includes maintenance) • includes production, staging, one developer edition seat; limited two processor environment • additional WebSphere Commerce Developer Express Edition seats available at $3.5K / seat

  29. WS Commerce – Express V5.6: Customer View WebSphere Commerce – Express greatly improves customer time-to-value in v5.6 with faster install, simpler, more streamlined store design, easier to use business tools, catalog import utility, a new “lite” development environment and new B2B features – keeping store deployment costs under control Key Features Customer Pains Starter stores improved, catalog import utility speeds time to value New B2B starter store with basic PO support Improved usability & visual design of LOB tooling New, lighter/faster dev environment Can’t afford costly deployment Need for basic B2B support as well as B2C Need for easier to use LOB tools Need quick, easy development environment after partner-handoff Benefits • Implement an end-to-end solution with an affordable up-front investment • Reduce implementation time & effort • Easier to use tools for LOB users • Customize, extend & grow at your own pace

  30. WebSphere Commerce-Express vs. Professional Edition

  31. Things Remembered Integrated Solution Challenge • Assure trading partners of merchandise availability • Reduce inventory risk by closing the gap between the order acceptance and inventory management processes Business benefits • Projected 50% annual increase in conversion rate • Anticipated 8-10% rise in average sales transaction value • Significant reduction in inventory risk and overhead expenses for Things Remembered and trading partners • Ability to attract and maintain broad trading base by ensuring inventory availability Solution • A new open standards-based order request solution, delivered as Web services, with the ability to integrate with any standard e-commerce site • Utilized the build-to-integrate capabilities of WebSphere Studio, Commerce, Application Server and MQ product families “Our Web Services solution will improve our ability to deliver responsive, personalized, high-quality service to our customers and trading partners. IBM has strengthened our ability to succeed.” Mark Fodor, Cole National

  32. Anaconda Sports Scores With WebSphere Commerce Challenge Outmoded Web site, not integrated with fulfillment or credit verification, prevented Anaconda from meeting customer demands and caused high maintenance costs. Business Benefits: • Projected 100% payback within a year • 20% increase in online sales over a 3-month period • Elimination of high fixed costs "We were busy answering complaints, handling emergencies and performing wasteful manual tasks to get our orders out. We couldn't satisfy our customers, so they were going elsewhere." - Rob Meyer, Director of Internet Services, Anaconda Sports, Inc. Solution Technology Benefits: • 6-week development and implementation cycle • Scalability to handle 67% increase in unique visitors New hosted e-commerce solution integrated with back-end systems. Based on WebSphere Commerce, WebSphere Application Server and DB2.

  33. B2B Sales Portal Fax Traditional Channels Call center Face-to-face B2B Direct Sales Portals: Solution Snapshot B2B Direct Sales Portals provide 24/7 visibility and enhanced productivity that builds on traditional direct sales channels for midmarket Wholesalers

  34. B2B Direct Sales Portal Targeted marketing to maximize online B2B purchases Business A Structured Processes Requisition lists Automated cross-sell, up-sell Business B Product Location Aids Guided Search Parametric Search Purchasing and Productivity tools Business C Dynamic NegotiationsAuctions Order Management, Customer Support WebSphere Commerce – Express: Delivering Key B2B Direct Sales Portal Capabilities

  35. So…just what is keeping you up at night? Increasing competitive pressures Margins – thin and eroding Unsettled economy (picking up again?) Unable to quickly react to market changes Customer expectations increasing Distributors and resellers find us hard to do business with Current site hard to maintain & can’t meet emerging needs Complex, heterogeneous IT environment Can’t integrate with and leverage key backend systems Limited IT, business staff