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Company Incorporation PowerPoint Presentation
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Company Incorporation

Company Incorporation

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Company Incorporation

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  1. Tel: +91-11-3202-3503, +91-11-2248-1711E-mail: S-191 C, 3rd floor, Manak ComplexSchool Block, ShakarpurNew Delhi - 110092

  2. Mob No: +91-8800100283 Email:

  3. Company Law : Various companies and other business associations performs work under the Company Law or Law of Business Assocaitions. Company Law look after how a comapny or organization and other stakeholders such as consumers interact with each other. Company Laws are unique to that country. +91-8800100283 , 4

  4. Company Registration : Company Registration sometimes referred as Formation of Company. This term is best defined as process of incorporation of a business. For registration as a company, you must apply for DIN (Director Identification Number) then acquire your DSC (Digital Signature Certificate). After approval by MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs), you can register the company. Tel: +91-11-3202-3503, +91-11-2248-1711E-mail:

  5. Firm Registration : Under the Section 58 of the Act of Indian Constitution, a firm may be registered at any time not usualy at time of its formation. For the registration of Firm, you are required to seek a trade licence. Despite of this, One time fee for process is required which renew periodically.

  6. New Company Registration : For enjoying the breakless performance of your business and making your company valid for the aspect of law, company registration is required. In this process, you must requires DIN (Director Identification Number) and DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) then after you can fill the form of MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) for the registration process. Mob: +91-8800100283

  7. Tel: +91-11-3202-3503, +91-11-2248-1711E-mail: Mob: +91-8800100283 Company Formation & Incorporation : Comapny Formation procedure is different in various countries. As Legal aspect, under the of Companies Act 2006, you must submit complete documents and regisration fee to the Registrar of Comapnies. Company is a association of persons having distinct name and limited liabilty. Company is a not a citizen but is a juristic person with seperate legal entity. A company can be formed under any of the previous company laws.

  8. LLP Registration & Formation : LLp Registration is processed by Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 and Limited Liability Partnership Rules, 2009. According to this Act, LLP is considered as a seperate entity and no partners will be responsible for illegal actions of other partners. In LLP Registration, there is no limit on number of partners. LLP formation is beneficial for the members of a business organization. For the formation of LLP, at least two persons carriying a lawful business. LLP can be formed by two ways: 1)Electronic Software Filing 2)Paper Filing Tel: +91-8800100283 , 4

  9. Thanks & Regards Global Jurix Law Firms India S-191 C, 3rd floor, Manak ComplexSchool Block, ShakarpurNew Delhi - 110092Tel: +91-11-3202-3503, +91-11-2248-1711E-mail: By: Mr. Amit