in addition branded diamond and fashion jewellery n.
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Indian artificial jewellery PowerPoint Presentation
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Indian artificial jewellery

Indian artificial jewellery

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Indian artificial jewellery

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  1. In addition, branded diamond and Fashion Jewellery products were certified for cartage, authenticity, and quality and carried a suggested maximum retail price that enabled them to develop customer loyalty. Development of new products and designs was a key element of the business strategy. Innovative designs and product lines enabled them to develop the brand and increase retail sales. Fashion Jewellery Designs were upgraded regularly to service the changing preferences of consumers. Over the years, the company strengthened the brand portfolio with the launch of new brands and sub-brands aimed at different customer profiles, various market and price segments, and for various uses and occasions and enjoyed significant equity and market share in their respective market segments.

  2. The significant potential for branded Jewellery in India and their success in developing branded Custom Jewellery lines. The cut and polished diamonds and other Indian Artificial Jewellery products were exported to various international markets in Europe including Antwerp and Italy, United States, Middle East as well as to several diamond and Custom Jewellery in Asia including Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Branded diamond and other products were also sold in India through a nationwide sales and distribution network consisted of 26 exclusive distributors across India, approximately 620 outlets, including outlets in host stores, 5 stand alone stores and 17 stores set up through franchisee arrangements spread across 30 cities and towns in India.

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  4. The large customer base was spread across India and international markets and included various Fashion Jewellery Manufacturers, large department store chains, retail stores, and wholesalers. The success in growth of retail operations, whether directly or through the operations of subsidiaries, joint ventures and associate companies, was dependent upon the opening of new stores and capitalizing on existing marketing and distribution network, increased sales volume and profitably from existing and new stores profitably was subject to various contingencies, including ability to secure suitable locations for outlets on a timely basis and on satisfactory terms, ability to hire, train, and retain qualified personnel and the successful integration of new outlets with existing marketing and distribution network.

  5. An independent sales and distribution network for diamonds and Artificial Jewellery Manufacturers products. Substantial majority of cut and polished diamonds were exported to diamond wholesalers and large Fashion Jewellery Manufacturers in international markets. Promoter group companies outside India played a major role in developing strong relationship with customers in these markets. Significant part of Fashion Jewellery Exporters sales were through wholesalers in international markets that acted as procurement agents for Indian Artificial JewelleryManufacturers retailers in those markets. The company also leveraged long-term relationships with retailers in all level of markets to sell directly to such retailers rather than through the wholesalers. In Indian company had strong sales and distribution channels including sales affected through exclusive distributors, direct sales to large department stores and reputed Jewellery Exporters stores and direct sales to end customers through retail operations.

  6. In order to increase visibility of branded Custom Jewellery Manufacturers & Exporterslines, they operated through extensive distributor networks to enable them to display their products at retailers in several cities and towns across India. They also sold through large department stores and reputable Jewellery Exporters retailers in major cities and towns and directly to end-customers through retail operations. Retail operations included several exclusive retail stores in major metropolitan areas that were owned by them as well as shop-in-shop outlets in various host stores such as large department store chains and shopping malls. Twelve retail outlets for various brands were established as franchises. These were located in high customer-concentration areas.