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The College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) 72nd Annual Meeting. The 2010 NIDA International Research poster session. June 12-17, 2010. Scottsdale, Arizona , USA.

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The College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD)
  • 72nd Annual Meeting.
  • The 2010 NIDA International Research poster session

June 12-17, 2010. Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Motives associated with resilience of tobacco use among school students in Spain. Differences by genderMorales-Manrique, C.C.1;Bueno-Cañigral, F.J.2; Valderrama-Zurián, J.C.3; Aleixandre-Benavent, R 1. 1. Unidad de Información e Investigación Social y Sanitaria (UISYS). Universitat de València-CSIC. Valencia, Spain.2. Plan Municipal Drogodependencias (PMD). Ayuntamiento de Valencia. Spain. 3. Generalitat Valenciana.Valencia, Spain.


To determine the most common motives and those significantly associated with the no consumption of tobacco in school students in Spain, analyzing differences by gender.

  • Sample:A total of 706 students from 21 schools in Valencia city that had never smoke tobacco, 49.3% (n=348) males.
  • Instrument:"Pre-Chat Survey on Drug Addiction; during 2007-2008", elaborated by the professionals of the Plan Municipal de Drogodependencias (PMD) of the Ayuntamiento de Valencia.
  • Data analysis:Chi square tests were used for comparison between gender groups.
  • Reasons for not consuming mentioned most often are: not consumed because it impairs physical and mental health (78.8%), feeling well and do not need to consume (69.7%), because he/she knows how to have a good time without consuming drugs (68.7%).
  • The reasons responded significantly in more proportion by male are:"for personal convictions” (X2=20.67, p<.001), "because they are expensive" (X2=19.7, p<.001).
  • The motive "because I know how to have a good time without consuming drugs" was pointed out significantly in more proportionby females (X2=11.75, p<.005).

“Because they are expensive”

“Because I know how to have a good time without consuming drugs"

“For personal convictions”


Reasons associated with avoiding damage at personal level -physical and mental-, perception of well being, and knowledge of recreation activities that don´t include consumption, are common reasons for not consuming tobacco in young population. In prevention programs for tobacco use is important the promotion of entertainment not associated with the consumption of substances, besides teaching the adverse effects related with the consumption.

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Funded by:Collaboration agreement between the Plan Municipal de Drogodependencias (PMD), Ayuntamiento de Valencia and Univetsitat de València.

Surveys conducted by: Serrano, A.; Benito, B.