September 27 and October 1, 2013
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September 27 and October 1, 2013. Introduction. Jenny Hartfelder– Speaker, Rocky Mountain WEA Janet Hurley Cann– Speaker-Elect, WEA of South Carolina. Agenda. What is WEF? Description Strategic Direction Governance Structure What is the House of Delegates/What is a Delegate Description

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  • Jenny Hartfelder– Speaker,Rocky Mountain WEA

  • Janet Hurley Cann– Speaker-Elect, WEA of South Carolina


  • What is WEF?

    • Description

    • Strategic Direction

    • Governance

    • Structure

  • What is the House of Delegates/What is a Delegate

    • Description

    • Structure

    • Duties/Responsibilities/Expectations/Opportunities

    • Resources available

  • WEFTEC 2013

September 27 and october 1 2013

What is WEF?

Founded in 1928, the Water Environment Federation is a not-for-profit technical and educational organization of 36,000 individual members and 75 affiliated member associations representing water quality professionals around the world.

September 27 and october 1 2013

WEF Mission

  • Promote Bold Leadership

  • Champion Innovation

  • Connect Water Professionals

  • Leverage knowledge to support Clean and Safe Water Worldwide

September 27 and october 1 2013

WEF Critical Objectives

  • Drive Innovation in the Water Sector

  • Enrich the Experience of Global Water Professionals

  • Increase Awareness of Value of Water

September 27 and october 1 2013

WEF Membership

Member Associations

Board of Trustees

House of Delegates

Speaker of House and Speaker-Elect

WEF Staff












Wef board of trustees
WEF Board of Trustees

  • President

  • President Elect

  • Vice President

  • Past President

  • Treasurer

  • 10 Trustees

  • WEF Executive Director (non-voting)

What is the house of delegates
What is the House of Delegates?

The House is the deliberative and representational body of the Federation. The House is to advise the Board on issues of strategic direction and public policy development.

Hod mission
HOD Mission

  • The HOD will solicit and secure critical input from MA’s and other WEF member constituencies regarding policies, programs and strategic direction of WEF, identify critical issues and member needs, develop potential solutions, proposed changes and new initiatives, recommend qualified leadership to the Board of Trustees, and provide timely feedback and recommendations to help make WEF essential to water professionals around the world.

    Adopted September 29. 2012

Hod vision
HOD Vision

  • . . .to be a collective and highly effective advocate of MA’s and other WEF member constituencies, and trusted advisor to the Board of Trustees regarding policies, programs, and strategic direction to serve the best interest and needs of WEF members and help make WEF essential to water professionals around the world.

House of delegates structure
House of Delegates Structure

  • Delegates representing 75 Member Associations

  • 12 Delegates-at-Large

  • 116 total Delegates

  • Lead by Speaker and Speaker-Elect of the House

House of delegates structure1
House of Delegates Structure

  • Four Standing Committees

    • Steering

    • Budget

    • Nominating

    • WEFMAX

  • Work Groups

    • Vary from year to year

    • Determined by the Speaker-Elect for upcoming year

    • Specific tasks to support to support WEF and the HOD

House of delegates structure2
House of Delegates Structure

  • Standing Committees:

    • Steering – Reviews HOD policies and procedures, progress of Committees and Work Groups, and develops strategic plan for HOD

    • Budget – Reviews annual WEF Budget, determine if it is consistent with the Strategic Plan; and provide advice and direction to the Speaker of the House and the HOD

    • Nominating – Reviews and recommends nominations for Speaker-Elect and HOD Committee members

    • WEFMAX – Secure meeting locations and develops program agendas for WEFMAX meetings, update and maintain, meeting host guidelines and MA-WEF agreement as needed

House of delegates structure3
House of Delegates Structure

  • Work Groups during the 2012-2013 year were:

    • HOD Strategic Planning

    • Operator Outreach

    • MA Sustainability

    • Non-Despersibles

House of delegates duties
House of Delegates Duties

  • Advise the Board on strategic direction and

    policies and initiatives of the Federation.

  • Review the budget report from the Board and

    provide comments as to consistency with

    Strategic Plan and other initiatives.

  • Confirm nominations for the Board of Trustees and Delegates at Large

  • Elect Officers of the Federation

  • Remove Trustees or Officers if necessary

Delegate s responsibilities
Delegate's Responsibilities

  • Represent interest of their respective MA’s or member constituencies to WEF

  • Liaison between WEF and MA or Member Constituency

    • Gather feedback from MA Boards on WEF matters

    • Complete surveys

    • Provide reports at MA Board Meetings on WEF activities, opportunities, educational opportunities

    • Downloads from WEFTEC and WEFMAX

Delegate s responsibilities1
Delegate’s Responsibilities

  • Attend and participate in your MA annual meeting and MA board meetings

  • Participate on WEF Committee of your interest

Delegate s responsibilities opportunities
Delegate's Responsibilities(Opportunities)

Attend and participate in at least one workgroup:

  • HOD Strategic Planning

  • MA Leadership Development

  • Non-Dispersibles

  • MA Sustainability

Delegate opportunities
Delegate Opportunities

House of Delegates Initiatives

  • Value of Membership Collaboration

  • Water Advocacy

Delegate s responsibilities opportunities1
Delegate's Responsibilities(Opportunities)

Attend and participate in the HOD meetings at WEFTEC and WEFMAX:

  • WEFTEC 2013 – October 5 - 9, 2013 , Chicago, IL

  • WEFMAX 2014

    • March 26 – 28 – Weehawken, New Jersey

    • April 9 – 11 – Montana

    • April 30-May 2 – Grand Rapids, Michigan

    • May 21 – 23 – Charleston, South Carolina

  • WEFTEC 2014 – September 27 – October 1, New Orleans, LA

See you at weftec

See you at WEFTEC!!!!

See You at WEFTEC!