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six months of recipe in finland n.
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Six months of RECIPE in Finland PowerPoint Presentation
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Six months of RECIPE in Finland

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Six months of RECIPE in Finland
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Six months of RECIPE in Finland

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  1. Six months of RECIPE in Finland Three study sites were chosen in Aitoneva, Central Finland. The first site (for WP 1) was re-wetted in 1994 In the second site (for WP 2) peat was still harvested in 2002.

  2. The third site was abandoned 50 years ago and it has revegetated spontaneously

  3. Methods Some trouble with the late start. Already existing collars and chambers were used in WP 1.

  4. Regular gas exchange measurements in WP 1 site were started in the second week of June. CO2 measurements were carried out weekly during the growing season. CH4 emissions from the study site were analyzed biweekly by gas chromatography

  5. 10 collars for gas measurements were inserted in the WP 2. Soil respiration was studied once a week and methane biweekly. Regular measurements were carried out until the end of August.

  6. In the third site only respiration was studied during the season since earlier data from two years already exists.

  7. Each gas exchange collar was equipped with a tube for ground water measurement. In order to create a leaf area index for the study sites the leaves in each sample plot were counted and the size of marked individuals was recorded during the growing season.

  8. The water chemistry was studied using peepers with the help of Dr. Philipp Steinmann. Unfortunately there were some difficulties with the equipment and some other things. (Sorry,no photo available)

  9. Peat cores for WP 1 The peat cores were taken on last Monday and Tuesday. Right PET material for cartridges was not available with a short notice. We coped somehow with more rigid poly acryl tubes. We still have to core the replicates.

  10. Re-wetting of the ”new field” The site was first scaled at the end of May.

  11. The terrace for WP 2 had to be build before blocking the ditches.

  12. The two dams have worked well and water has started to collect in the field.

  13. What next? Replicates for the peat cores should be taken as soon as possible. We will continue the gas exghange measurements during the winter once a month. We will also start developing the first models of the WP 1 site.