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SAMBA e-learning PROJECT. Presented by Faraj S. Al-Monajam. Content. Need for new way of training The Project The Acc o mplishment. Training in Samba. 2600 employees kingdom wide Strong Saudazation drive/200+ new graduate hire yearly

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Samba e learning project
SAMBA e-learning PROJECT

Presented by Faraj S. Al-Monajam


  • Need for new way of training

  • The Project

  • The Accomplishment

Training in samba
Training in Samba

  • 2600 employees kingdom wide

  • Strong Saudazation drive/200+ new graduate hire yearly

  • “State of the Art” training center facility with training statistics:

    Mission Statement:

    Training to be viewed as competitive advantage of Samba

Project 2: Need to restructure training delivery

A lot of simple/basic training courses

Strong Product innovations + many new regulations.

2 regional centers + 26 branches outside of Riyadh

A lot of training travels

Major burden on working resources

Key staff spend 20 days/year in class-room

Lots of present-slides + materials BUT in unstructured format

Get lost

Increasing needs

Ladies training

Money spent on repetitive courses

Ineffective use of training budget



Samba First Experience

  • 60 licenses obtained from Citi Bank

  • 60 staffs were assigned to use it

  • One year access for each licenses

  • Each license give you access to 400 courses

Result of first experience

  • Only 10 licenses had been used

  • 2 of the two licenses were actually used

  • 50 licenses were never used

Result of first experience (cont.)

  • Accessing Citi Bank licenses were not friendly user.

  • You have to long on to Samba web site using a user name and a password

  • Then log on to Citi Bank using another user name and password

Samba of First Experience Cont..

  • After you log on to Citi Bank web site and want to access a course an access key is sent to the training center for approval

  • Then a message is sent to participants telling them that they can use any course they want

  • When a staff has difficulty with any course, they contact training center for help

  • Training center will contact Citibank and Citibank will contact the third party for solution

Result of first Experience cont..

  • The whole process might take 2 weeks for solution

Lesson Learned

  • No marketing or awareness was done for any of the staffs about e-learning

  • Management support was not there

  • Technology team was not inform of the e-learning project so they did not extend any support

  • Staffs have a first impressions that e-learning is a bad way of learning

Lesson Learned

  • It was found that good number of the staffs had no PC to start with

  • Selection of staffs was not good

  • Arabic e-learning courses were not there

Second Experience

  • Management was involved and very supportive as they believed strongly in the benefit of e-learning

  • Good selection of e-learning courses was done by the training center

  • 20 committed staffs were assigned in the process of selecting courses

  • Marketing of the e-learning took “ months all over Samba

Second Experience cont..

  • Compulsory e-learning courses were assigned for staffs as a beginning

  • 20 committed training coordinators was assigned to monitor the progress of the staffs

  • Training center provides monthly report to all business departments about the progress of their staffs

Second Experience Cont..

  • Other courses were added in company with the compulsory courses.

  • Staffs liked the idea of e-learning courses

  • They started taking e-learning courses without coming back to the training center.

Lesson Learned from second experience

  • In order for e-learning courses to be effective, they have to be linked to the staff career development

  • Diplomas have to be organized like accounting, finance, management etc…

  • These diplomas have to be recognized by the organization and have to reflect on staffs promotion

Lesson Learned Cont..

  • For in house e-learning courses two copies have to be provided

  • Alpha copy, where you can do amendment to the course (usually one month is given from the vendor)

  • Beta course will be the final version of the same course where all amendment has been made

Lesson learned cont..

  • Arabic courses or the preferred language by the staffs musty be used

  • Technology department has to be involved in every single stage of the e-learning project

  • In the long run a staff who develop e-learning contents has to be hired

  • State of the art learning management system (LMS) and learning content management system (LCMS) has to be implemented


  • Management Support and interest in e-learning is the key to your success.

    (People see things and say why and I dreams of things that never happened and say why not)

    Best wishes and success to all Tunisian people