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Grant Hooper , Manager Grants Program Equity Trustees. The Changing Funder Landscape: Do you know your audience?. Agenda. The Equity Trustees Experience The Changing Operating Context It’s Time to RE THINK Funding Attracting Philanthropic Funding Keeping Your Audience Warm

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Grant hooper manager grants program equity trustees
Grant Hooper, Manager Grants Program Equity Trustees

The changing funder landscape do you know your audience
The Changing Funder Landscape:Do you know your audience?


The Equity Trustees Experience

The Changing Operating Context

It’s Time to RETHINK Funding

Attracting Philanthropic Funding

Keeping Your Audience Warm

Where Does Your Board Fit?

How Can Structured Giving Help You?


The equity trustees experience
The Equity Trustees Experience

The equity trustees experience1
The Equity Trustees Experience



The not for profit landscape
The Not-For-Profit Landscape

Employing around 1 million people

6.1 million volunteers

Growth in income over last 7 years consistently around 5%

Total income around $100bBillion

~ 30% government funded

~ 30% service provision (not govt.)

~ 30% philanthropy and fund raising

Many NFPs facing increased demand for their services

The government landscape
The Government Landscape

Demand for services increasing while revenue base is stalling e.g. GST and stamp duty

The government landscape cont d
The Government Landscape cont’d

Increasingly seeking to leverage investment in social issues (Initiatives being lead by State Governments, particularly Queensland, ACT and NSW):

Payment by outcomes

e.g. outcomes-based contracting arrangements

Place-based, sustainable, outcome-driven, ‘return on investment’ type approaches are increasing

Social Impact Investment

e.g. Social Investment Bonds

e.g. Social Enterprise Development Investment Funds to help take success to scale

The philanthropy landscape
The Philanthropy Landscape

Total foundations estimated to be ~ 5,000 – each as individual as the donor that established them

Total annual giving around $0.4 billion

Growth in the number of Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs):

more than 1,000 established since June 2001

Cumulative donations into PAFs expected to have reached $4 billion in FY2013-14

Cumulative distributions from PAFs expected to have reached a $1.5 billion in FY2013-14

The changing funder landscape
The Changing Funder Landscape

State and Federal governments cutting back funding and increasing focus on outcomes

Diverse and growing philanthropic sector

Bigger but not necessarily easier to reach

Consolidation of Trustee companies

Trusts implementing more targeted grant making strategies. Increasingly looking for impact.

Emergence of ‘mega-gifts’ e.g.

Andrew & Nicola Forrest - $65 million foundation to fund research in WA

Packer family & Crown resorts - $200 million fund for the arts and other causes

Paul Ramsay – bequest of $3 billion to his foundation

It s time to re think funding
It’s time to RETHINK funding

It s time to re think funding1
It’s time to RETHINK funding

It’s time for Boards and executives to re-examine their traditional funding bases and their approaches to fundraising in order to ensure their future sustainability

Now take 5 minutes and do the following:

Breakdown your organisation’s requirements

Tick the box or write a dollar amount

Apply a percentage allocation to each

Where are your gaps?

It s time to re think funding cont d
It’s time to RETHINK funding cont’d

Is philanthropy right for your organisation? Some things to consider:

The work your organisation does / the main beneficiaries

Your organisation’s legal structure and tax status

The resources that will be required to attract philanthropic support vs other types of funding and how well set up your organisation is to do this

Are you measuring and evaluating your impact and are you good at communicating this?

Application forms and processes
Application forms and processes

Most foundations will have a formal process they use for choosing grant recipients – many of them will require you to submit an application.

Note: Sometimes this means quite long lead times between application and decision.

Whilst the questions they ask may vary, grantmakers typically want to know that an organisation can demonstrate the following:

Experienced and capable leadership

It has vision and a desire to take a long-term view

It has integrity to remain true to the core purpose and mission

Actively seeks to understand, measure and communicate its impact

Works in partnership with others

Commitment to dissemination of lessons learned through the appropriate networks in order to inform practice in the field

Designs of realistic budgets and creatively and sparingly uses resources

Keeping your audience warm2
Keeping Your Audience Warm

Current individual donors, ad hoc and major donors

Thank them for donations

Keep them informed about how funds were spent

Ask for future donations

Implement major donor programs

Ask for referrals to other giving individuals

Inform them of your bequest program (make it easy)

Trustee companies

Received a grant? Keep them informed about outcomes

Update on key developments.

Signpost future opportunities.

Apply for further grants

Keeping your audience warm3
Keeping Your Audience Warm

Private Ancillary Funds

Board networks

High Net Worth Individuals

Research opportunities

Accountants & Lawyers

Board networks

Research opportunities

Inform them of your bequest program (make it easy)

Website and Social Media

Do you have clear content?

Do you distribute content regularly?

Is your call to action clear and enticing?

Where does your board fit1
Where Does Your Board Fit?

Governance and retaining a commitment to the purpose and fundamental values of the organisation

However, can’t only be interested in your organisation’s charitable work

Need to ensure that the organisation is focusing on strengthening its clients / beneficiaries and your organisation

Evaluation and reporting of impact

Funding strategy (linked to organisation strategy) in place and monitored

Need to be advocates for your organisation and its purpose

Refer to funding strategy and support through the use of networks

Support the work of the fundraising team, don’t just delegate

How can structured giving help you1
How Can Structured Giving Help You?

Understand the benefit structured giving plays in funding

Inform your supporters of the benefits of structured giving and their ability to leave a legacy to you

Encourage your supporters to consider a structure and make you beneficiary of their foundations

Individual donations at risk from death, cognitive decline and challenges to wills

Secure donations into perpetuity via a foundation

Generate your own goodwill

90% of Equity Trustees’ trusts are Victoria only, therefore you need to be proactive in building awareness of philanthropic options

Guide your supporters on the benefits of supporting your organisation, your cause, your community and of supporting this through structured giving


David Stewart

Phone: (02) 9458 5524

Mobile: 0422 003 247


Grant Hooper

Phone: (03) 8623 5134


It s time to re think funding2
It’s time to RETHINK funding