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  1. Sailing By Haley Stober

  2. What are the essential parts of a sailboat? • There are eight essential parts of a sailboat. They are the hull, jib, mainsail, mast, boom, tiller,rudder and keel.

  3. The Hull • The Hull is basically the base of the boat. It’s the place where you would sit. On boats that are meant for vacation, the hull is also the living area.

  4. Tiller and Rudder • The tiller is like the steering wheel and the rudder is like a tire on a car. You use the tiller to change directions and the rudder goes along with it.

  5. Mainsail, Mast and Boom • The mainsail catches most of the wind needed to propel the boat forward. Both the mast and the boom are long poles used as supporters. • Its vertical side is attached to the mast and its horizontal side is attached to the boom.

  6. Keel • The keel keeps the boat from tipping over. It is underneath the boat. In smaller boats, a centerboard or daggerboard takes its place.

  7. Jib • The jib is an additional sail that helps the mainsail catch extra wind which makes the boat go faster.

  8. Key Terms • Key Terms- • Port- left • Starboard- right • Hull- the body of the boat • Jib- a smaller sail that is in the front of the boat and it helps you go faster • Keel- a board in the center of the boat that steadies the boat. • Leeward- away from the wind • Luffing- when the boat is too close or going into the wind • Mast- a long bar-like object that supports the sails • Rudder- what you use to steer the boat; it takes the place of a wheel • Tack- to turn the front of the boat into the wind

  9. Types Of Winds/Sailing Into Winds • Types of Wind • True Wind- the wind that blows across the land or water. It is the wind you feel when you aren’t moving. • Apparent Wind-the wind you feel while you are moving. When you move and the wind moves you feel the apparent wind. • Sailing Into Winds • Sailing Downwind- sailing parallel to the wind, the boat will blow into the sails. Sailing Upwind- going into/against the wind. It is almost impossible so you have to tack multiple times.

  10. Why You Want The Wind To The Side Of The Boat • The wind is faster than the boat so the air is slowing down by the sails. The sails push against the wind while the wind is pushing it forward. The air pockets in the sail and pushes the boat forward.

  11. Thanks For Watching!!!