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The Monocoque Space Frame Bus Manufacturing Company PowerPoint Presentation
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The Monocoque Space Frame Bus Manufacturing Company

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The Monocoque Space Frame Bus Manufacturing Company - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Monocoque Space Frame Bus Manufacturing Company . . Progress. 2004 R& D commences 2005 Launch of Corona Non AC Coach for Inter City – Semi Rural Application NW & NE Karnataka State Transports launch Corona Majestik – A/C Sleeper Coach Fleet

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2004 R& D commences

2005 Launch of Corona Non AC Coach for Inter City – Semi Rural Application

NW & NE Karnataka State Transports launch Corona Majestik – A/C Sleeper Coach Fleet

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation launches Corona ‘Ambaari’ Sleeper Fleet

Develops India’s first Monocoque Integral ‘drive away’ city bus Platform (chassis) Skypak

Wins tender for 200 ‘Drive Away’ Monocoque City bus platforms – BMTC Bangalore

2012 Qualifies under JNNURM – Ministry of Urban Development to bid for city bus tenders

Develops Corona XL – Luxury Intercity Coach – 180 & 245 HP

2012 Wins Indore BRTS tender – 50 India City Bus - SKYPAK XL BS III – 245 HP

2012 Wins Ahmedabad BRTS tender - 100 India City Bus SKYPAK XL - BS 1V -245 HP

2013 Development of 18 m Articulate / Vestibule Bus & 9 m Midi Buses

delivering superior roi
Delivering Superior ROI

Our buses deliver a superior Return on Investment as we focus on ‘Life Cycle Costing’ over a period of 1 Million kilometers


State Transports recover their entire invest in a record 18 -22 months from date of purchase due to the high occupancy level ……

corona monocoque space frame design
Corona Monocoque Space Frame Design

True Passenger Bus Technology

monocoque space frame design technology highlights
Monocoque Space Frame Design - Technology Highlights:
  • Monocoque structure – Increases passenger safety
  • Lower centre of gravity – Better on road stability
  • Front-independent air suspension – Enhances passenger comfort
  • Higher power to weight ratio – One tonne lighter, more fuel efficient
  • Rear engine – reduces transmission loss
  • Low cost of spare parts and ease of maintenance – Highly cost effective
a true passenger bus suspension system
A True Passenger Bus Suspension System

Front Independent Air Suspension

Wishbone Mounted Rear Air Suspension


Testimonial – Director Central Institute of Road Transport – Government of India Under Takingof India Undertaking

Emission Norms : Euro 111 & Euro 1V Rear Engine HP range : 160, 180, 210, 245, 385 Transmission : Manual & Automatic Versions

‘’The Corona Skypak Euro 1V , which cost

25 lakhs less than a Volvo Euro 111 , has

received a positive response from

passengers In the air- conditioned

city bus market while the ticket

price is equivalent to VOLVO’’

Source : Deccan Herald News Paper report

On 2nd Dec 2011 .

customer options
Customer Options

- Fully built Monocoque Space Frame Bus ( Option1)

- Drive away Fully built Space Frame Space Frame Structure which can be completed by a consortium coach builder ( Option 2)

- Drive away – Monocoque Integral Platform which could be completed by the consortium coach builder ( Option 3)

Dedicated Corona Service Team at Customer Locations ensure that the customer is delighted by our service !
in development
In Development
  • 9 metre midi bus
  • 18 metre vestibule bus
  • 400 mm Ultra Low Floor
  • Tarmac Coach
  • Double Decker

about us
About Us

Shridhar S Kalmadi Managing Director

Corona Bus Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. was established by Mr. Sridhar S Kalmadi in 2004 with a vision of designing and manufacturing ‘true passenger buses’ to suit the Indian road and operating conditions.

Over the last decade, the company has since worked tirelessly to indigenize the monocoque space frame technology in the country and is beginning to see its efforts pay good dividends judging by the orders we are receiving ….

Other Directorships : Independent Director – ZF Steering

Managing Director – Sai Service Station

Key Personnel

Pranav Desai - Head Business , Rohit k Parigi – Vice President


Thank You !

If you do have any query please do drop us a line on +91- 9739002526 to speak to our Vice President – Rohit K Parigi or email us at