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Wardrobe, Door, Entertainment Unit and Home Office Designs PowerPoint Presentation
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Wardrobe, Door, Entertainment Unit and Home Office Designs

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Wardrobe, Door, Entertainment Unit and Home Office Designs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Home office is a relatively new concept which support use of home as a office and is very good for people working as a freelancer or working over the Internet.

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Wardrobe, Door, Entertainment Unit and Home Office Designs

Functionality, creativity and fine quality are some of the quintessential elements in home décor and interior designing. There are various aspects that are covered under interior designing, but here we will focus on designs for wardrobes, doors, entertainment units and home offices.


Many innovative styles and designs have been used for wardrobes. There are simple wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes and in-built wardrobes that are widely used in homes. Wardrobe design may include adjustable shelves, drawers, hanging options, baskets, shoe racks and long hanging, besides other features suiting the individual requirement.


Wardrobe, Door, Entertainment Unit and Home Office Designs

Wardrobes may be custom designed to suit the individual style and needs. While some people prefer traditional styles, others opt for contemporary ones. Seeking the help of a wardrobe designer is always a good idea to get the wardrobe you want, rather than settle for one of those commonly available in the market.


Wardrobe, Door, Entertainment Unit and Home Office Designs

Walk-in wardrobes add a sense of luxury to our homes. Walk-in wardrobe system is basically a room offering a wide amount of space for storage and to allow us to ‘walk in.’

Walk-in Wardrobe

Built-in wardrobes are also a good option to develop an internal fit for functional and tidy wardrobe.


Wardrobe, Door, Entertainment Unit and Home Office Designs

DOOR DESIGNS FOR WARDROBES: While quality and inside design are crucial in wardrobe design, outside look is of equal importance. Wardrobe doors come in various styles and designs suiting the convenience and requirement of the clients. Wardrobe door designs may include sliding doors, hinged doors, bi-fold doors or Shoji doors. All type of doors have their own beauty and functionality.

The idea behind sliding doors is that one door panel is fixed and rigid, while the other one slides open. Sliding doors provide a streamline look that compliments the interiors of the room.


Wardrobe, Door, Entertainment Unit and Home Office Designs

Hinged doors are also an option of wardrobe doors for those who prefer simplicity over complexity. These doors come in wide varieties and different colours.

Wardrobe doors may also be designed as bi-fold doors which allow complete opening of the wardrobe, making it more spacious. These doors also provide benefits in terms of style, mixing the interior and exterior of the room almost seamlessly.


Wardrobe, Door, Entertainment Unit and Home Office Designs

Integral to Japanese architecture and interior design, Shoji doorsare the sliding panels used to let soft, diffused light from outside filter in which creates an airy, spacious environment. Many designers across the world are now incorporating these door designs in their work. Traditionally, Shoji panels are made of a timber hardwood frame, but many new variations are available.

ENTERTAINMENT UNITS: To maximise use of limited space, entertainment units can be a wise option. Entertainment units are a storage solution with increased space for holding large number of things without making it look cluttered. They come in different designs and patterns and are used extensively in various residential and commercial places.


Wardrobe, Door, Entertainment Unit and Home Office Designs

HOME OFFICES: With many people opting to work from home these days, home office designing is in demand. There can be various design options to make the office space functional, efficient and attractive, all at the same time. One can opt for custom-designed home office that is designed with respect to the individual needs and space available.

Home Office


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