the impact of the railways n.
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The Impact of the Railways PowerPoint Presentation
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The Impact of the Railways

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The Impact of the Railways - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Impact of the Railways
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  1. The Impact of the Railways Year 9

  2. Newspapers could be sent from London all over the country. Seaside towns developed; the railways made cheap day trips possible People were able to travel greater distances for leisure & to work Turnpike Trusts, canals & stage coach companies could not compete & went bankrupt. Social & Economic Impact of the Railways Railway engineering towns grew up, E.g. Crewe & Doncaster. Townspeople were able to receive meat, fish, milk and vegetables brought in whilst they were still fresh by the railways. Industry grew, because the railways needed coal & iron; railways in turn allowed factories to transport their goods to markets. The Post was speeded up People became more interested in politics & this led to the growth of political parties Fish & Chips First Class Mail

  3. Railways cut the cost of transporting goods How many horses would be needed to transport 40 tons by road? Economic Changes

  4. Goods can now be sold for less. Railways make the moving of goods cheaper. This is called the Cycle of Prosperity More people can afford to buy these goods More people with jobs means … More goods are sold & so more need to be produced. Businessmen employ more workers. How did railways create more jobs?

  5. ? ? Who benefited from these new jobs? ?

  6. Social Changes GMT?

  7. Which famous books did Charles Dickens write? What is this woman doing? Cultural Changes

  8. What impact did the Railways have on Britain?

  9. Give a brief outline of what you are to write about using the key words of the question. Introduction Paragraph on each major change. What changed, when, where & how? Main Body Summarise your essay using the words of the question. What was the most important change? Conclusion How to Structure Your Essay

  10. How do I get a high grade? • If you simply explain what changes the railways had you will get either a Level 4 or 5. • If you write a conclusion that fully explains which was the most or the least important change then you could get a Level 6. • In order to get a Level 7 you must organise the changes under headings like social, economic and cultural. • Organise your work with proper paragraphs that start off with an important point or heading.