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Production Plan. Jim Williams III GD430. Game Proposal. High Concept. Travel on a bloody quest for vengeance through feudal Japan as a lone Ronin. . Unique Selling Points. Dynamic dismemberment and disembowelment engine.

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Production plan l.jpg

Production Plan

Jim Williams III


High concept l.jpg
High Concept

  • Travel on a bloody quest for vengeance through feudal Japan as a lone Ronin.

Unique selling points l.jpg
Unique Selling Points

  • Dynamic dismemberment and disembowelment engine.

  • Truly realistic animal AI. Watch the crows pick apart the corpses of your fallen foes.

  • Brutal stylized violence in line with Anime and old Japanese cinema.

  • “Yo Jimbo Sword system” allows the player to be the greatest swordsman in the land with ease.

Game features l.jpg
Game Features

  • Red Zen fighting mode allows you to dance around targets and tear them apart.

  • Fully dynamic environment's. Destroy, climb, jump from and cut through.

  • Dynamic AI for civilians and enemies. Don’t misbehave to much or you may have to dishonor yourself.

  • Beautiful branching story line, with multiple endings.

  • Sword fighting system based on bating, countering and then quickly finishing your foes but flexible enough for more aggressive players.

Genres l.jpg

  • Action

  • Adventure

  • Historical

  • Stylized Violence

Target platform l.jpg
Target Platform

  • XBOX 360

  • Playstation 3

Target customer l.jpg
Target Customer

  • Young Adults and Up

    This is a mature game.

  • Japanese Samurai Movie enthusiasts

    The feudal Japan setting is evidence of this.

  • Anime Fans

    The stylized action and gore will appeal to many anime fans especially fans of ninja scroll or Samurai 7.

  • Action Fans

    The high adrenaline output of this game will appeal to many action gamers.

Competitive analysis l.jpg
Competitive Analysis

  • Assassin’s Creed

    Similar exploration and fighting system.

  • Tenchu Series

    This is the fan base we would most want to tap. It is also set in Japan and include similar game elements except it is more stealth oriented an includes ninjas.

Financial analysis l.jpg
Financial Analysis

  • Projecting the success of similar titles such as assassins Creed we can surmise the 17 Million we place in this project will more than double due to the current action gamer fan base. If the game really becomes a hit it can only go higher.

Slide11 l.jpg

  • Project Lead: Jim Williams III

  • Lead Designer: Me

  • Lead Technical: My Self

  • Lead Artist: Irene

  • QA Manager: Bun Master Ghoda

  • Coffee Boy: Paco Diego

Architecture object oriented design l.jpg

ArchitectureObject Oriented Design

Coding standard l.jpg
Coding Standard

  • We will be using the C++ system for our coding standard.

  • We believe that the more well known the language the better we can master our engine.

  • This decision is tentative should problems arise early on.

Tools l.jpg

  • SN Systems ProDG

  • Autodesk Maya and Max

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Premier

  • ZBrush

  • Digidesign Pro Tool

  • Microsoft Project

  • OpenGL

  • RAD Game Tools Bink

  • RAD Game Tools Miles Sound System

Game engine l.jpg
Game Engine

  • We will be striving to create our own unique game engine

  • We believe this is the only logical choice be cause of the unique aesthetic fell to the game and the beyond gruesome maiming feature we are banking for.

  • This will entail everything from animal AI to particle effects, the unique cel shading to the splitting open of enemies.

Risks and contingences l.jpg
Risks and Contingences

  • Hurricanes and Data Loss

    • All electronic equipment above flood level.

    • Back up drive for back up drive, off site.

    • Storm Shutters

    • Weekly backup of assets and codes

Schedule slips l.jpg
Schedule Slips

  • If a major change should occur it is procedure to re-evaluate all other tasks to find if the release date can still be meet. If not, time must be taken to see what can be cut from the game.

  • Our workers are humans, not machines.

  • The task list must be properly prioritized as to increase efficiency.

Security l.jpg

  • We will be employing

    • Asset Classification

    • Asset Protection

    • Access Control

    • Compliance

    • And coversheets….THERE! ;P

Revision control l.jpg
Revision Control

  • Since this will be our début game we will be using Perforce Software’s Perforce.

  • We probably couldn’t afford Alienbrain.

Artificial intelligence behaviors l.jpg
Artificial IntelligenceBehaviors

  • Coordinated attacks

  • Fleeing in terror/ tactical retreat

  • Suicide after becoming disabled

  • Defending

  • Flanking

  • Crows-Eating carrion and corpses

  • Hostile

  • Neutral

  • Friendly

  • Sneak attacks

  • Switch fighting styles

  • NPC on NPC violence

Ai pathfinding l.jpg

  • We will be using a simple path finding system as a base however we will be dedicating a entire department to creating as many options for the AI to pursue and possibly flee the PC through the dynamic environments.

  • Were are shooting for lifelike bordering on creepy.

  • Were going to be playtesting and nagging these guys like crazy!

Physics l.jpg

  • Types of Physics Factors

    • Cloth and Hair simulation

    • Real time Solid Material Severing

    • Water/ fluid Physics for water… and blood.

    • Collision Detection

    • Finite-Element Fracturing

    • Rigid Body Dynamics

    • Soft Body Dynamics

    • “Mammary Kinematics”

Input output media formats and streaming l.jpg
Input/OutputMedia Formats and Streaming

  • DVD-XBOX 360

  • Blue-Ray Disc-PS3

  • We will be adopting a Live Streaming Format due to the size of some of the levels.

I o multiprocessor l.jpg

  • Our game will benefit from both systems from both a graphical standpoint and a content standpoint.

  • Since we are using cel shading we will be saving processing power and thus be allowing more content in the game and faster refresh rates.

Internet l.jpg

  • We are planning exclusive online content for the Xbox 360 version as well as a add on multiplayer patch that will be available for both systems.

  • Multiplayer will entail Duels, Two Player Survival against a thousand enemies, and a co-op boss survival mode.

Multiplayer continued l.jpg
Multiplayer continued…

  • 4 players max, plus bots

  • Matchmaking made by invitation or lobby.

  • Game only ends if host leaves.

  • Cheater’s will have their character commit hari kiri in the in game lobby for all to see and will then be banned. Player unplugging or ending game will not stop this. This depends on the severity of the offense.

  • Support for Clans, observers and tournaments.

Graphics 3d pipeline l.jpg
Graphics3D Pipeline

  • Scene Setup

    • Database traversal

    • Movement of object and camera

    • Scene Description

    • Occlusion culling

    • Level of Detail


      -Transform (rotation, transformation, scaling)

      -Transformation from model to world coordinates

      -View projections

      -Trivial rejection and back face culling



      -Transform to screen

Graphics 3d pipeline cont l.jpg
Graphics3D Pipeline Cont.

  • Triangle Setup

    • Delta Calculation

    • Scan-Line Conversion





      -Alpha Translucency

      -Depth Buffering

      -Anti Aliasing


User interface l.jpg
User Interface

  • Controller

    • A=Dodge/Jump, wall jump

    • X=Counter\Attack

    • B=healing item

    • Y=Red Zen

    • RS=Item Cycle

    • LS=Sprint

    • RB=Sling back

    • LB=Guard

    • Start=Pause

    • Select=Menus

    • Thumsticks=Movement/ Press Right to crouch

Sound l.jpg

  • Architecture DirectSound

  • Encoding MP3

  • Quality THX

  • Sample rate 1.14Mbps

  • Stereo

Localization l.jpg

  • US

  • Canada

  • Europe?

  • Japan if they want it.

  • Screw the Aussies!

Slide33 l.jpg

  • Unique Gore Features

  • Unique Cel Shading application to make it look like a anime Example (Ninja Scrolls)

  • Animal AI

Palette l.jpg

  • #FF4500 & #FFFF00 / Orange red & yellow for flames

  • #D3D3D3 & #778899 / Light grey & Light slate gray for stone structures.

  • #BDB76B , #FFF5EE & #000000/ Dark khaki, Black , Sea shell for wooden structures.

Art production pipeline l.jpg
Art Production Pipeline

  • Description

  • Concept art

  • Storyboard

  • Place Holder Art

  • Modeling And Animation Rigging

  • Texturing

  • Shading

  • Lighting

  • Animation

  • Effects

Level aspects and construction l.jpg
Level Aspects and Construction

  • Modeling will only be intricate enough to portray a believable anime character and fluid dynamic environments.

  • Rigging and animation will be standard and will coincide with mo-cap. We will not strive for a totally parallel movement scheme to characters in actual animes except for the fight scenes. They will be hand animated and highly exaggerated.

  • Texturing will serve more of a purpose in this game because we have so much processing power simply going for a Viewtiful Joe look would just be asinine.

  • As stated previously we will be using cel shading. However we will be using advance texturing methods to bring a sense of grit and character to this world.

  • Lighting sources for this particular scene will be the burning city below, the burning palace and the full moon above to give this stage a sense of finality and doom.

  • Special effects will include everything from blood fountains to fire embers. The goals is not to make it detract from the game play or grow old so the more ways you can do something, like killing someone the better.

Video resolution aspect ratio l.jpg
Video Resolution & Aspect Ratio

  • Resolution PS3 & XBOX 360 1920 x 1080

  • Aspect Ratio 16:9

Sound effects vo soundtrack l.jpg
Sound Effects/ VO/ Soundtrack

Project schedule l.jpg
Project Schedule

  • Project1 jimw.mpp

Risks and contingences56 l.jpg
Risks and Contingences

  • The risks that threat this project are stated in this document as well as possible contingencies, probabilities of the event happening and cost of implementation.

  • Hurricane, flooding and data lose are very likely problems for our Florida office. I propose we keep and off site back up and keep all hardware off the ground. Should we be in a second story office or higher, storm shutters would be an acceptable solution. Every backup should have a backup! $1,500

  • Leakage and piracy; all builds will be under lock and key and anyone handling the build discs must sign it out and can not pass it on to another employee with out that employee receiving consent from the producer. Burning devices will be locked down on the premises until needed and only the producer or team lead can handle the procedure of copying additional builds. $1,000

  • Burnouts can be avoided by simply stopping a work day should things grind to a halt or moral drops. Further more the occasional party at the end of a great work stretch would do wonders. Also scheduling as much free time into the month as possible without forfeiting the needs of the project would help moral also. $600-$1000

  • Slippage, always assume we are not operating at 100% efficiently. Keep a time buffer in place in place for all milestones whenever possible. Should this occur we would have sometime to still make our deadline. However nothing is better than efficient schedule keeping. PRICELESS

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