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Market entry consulting -the robust and undaunted strategy makers

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Market entry consulting -the robust and undaunted strategy makers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It can be inferred that, Market Entry Consulting provides the much required boost to the new entrants acting as their savior in distress, extending help as and when sought.

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Antar Consultants

by Mr Amer Ali

Market entry consulting firms-the robust and undaunted strategy makers

To survive in tricky situations, tactics are required. The word “strategy” means- a course of action created for fulfilling a long-term aim and also art of setting up complete military advancement in a battle.

In the complex financial arena, where functions are inter-linked or juxtaposed, choice of correct strategy becomes critical. Strategies may beinvolving mergers, acquisitions, new ventures, new area of production. Customer strategy involving marketing, branding, entry strategy concerning evaluation and development of M&A, governance model strategy involved in development of management structures and performance parameters, operationg model strategy associated with product development and support as well as supply chain management are some of the known tactics adopted for business purposes.

Among the effective strategies, the premier most is the go to market strategies.

It is the plan taken up by an organization whereby it uses resources from both inside and outside to provide exclusive value schemes to clients and to attain viable benefits. The idea is to heighten the total customer experience considering the numerous aspects of value addition like pricing of an article or its eminence.

The go to market strategy consulting revolves around 4 broad questions:

1. What is the company offering?

2. Who is it offering to?

3. How will the concern arrive at its target market?

4. Where will it campaign for its items?

To answer the above queries, the foremost criterion is the strong value proposition that a company must aim to create and achieve. If the yardsticks of measurement of a product like price, quality, benefits are taken care of at inception, the strategy shall definitely provide impetus to the concern. The company must also segregate its customer base, the segment it wants to stress on and the uniqueness of the items it has decided to launch. It must also keep in mind the burden of unforeseen exigencies.

It becomes evident that entry into a specific market by a debutant is quite hard. So arrives Market Entry Service Providers providing consultancyand other services to companies and conglomerates, government or non-profit, for disentangling confusions associated with commencement of sales/production/outsourcing ventures in new market or geographies.

Services revolve round the area of feasibility of products, its demand in new market as well as potential, competition, expansion; preparation of business plans, cost-benefit analysis and risk judgement and mitigation.

These service-providers generally have a step-by-step approach which is called Market Entry Consulting moves:

1. Adoption of Project Based Revenue Model.

2. Involving all work of the company at all levels

3. Customer as controller.

4. Responsiveness to all customer demand

5. Evolution of new styles for new business environment

6. More than suggestions, the plan must be action-oriented and performance-based.

Market Entry Consulting firms such as Capgemini, KPMG, Oliver Wyman Group, Innosight are prominent.

New and escalating firm Antar Consultants is steadily climbing up the ladder. The services are prompt and to the point. They are customized to suit the clients. Brand development, Product advancement, Feasibility study and go-to strategies are used for the satisfaction of the patron.

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