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    1. Phormer Aideen NasiriShargh Oct. 2006

    2. Phormer :: 3 Different Views A Product - PG Manager A PHP Web-based application Features, advantages & Defects An Open Source Project Source Forge, the free feed Benefits of sharing it for free A Secondary Activity Provoking creativity Learning wished fields

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    4. Phormer as A Produect What is a Photo Gallery Manager? An application to handle digital/scanned photos, images, artworks and & etc. Here, handle means Manage, Categorize, Name, Get comments & may more A web-based PGM is one that works on the web for http visitors Who can use it? What does it require to run? Only a PHP server like the one with have at CE (e.g. apache). How to set it up for myself? Just download the latest version and extract it to your own folder. That’s all!

    5. Phormer as A Produect (cont’d) Phormer’s advantages: Free of Charge: just taste it! Open Source Project: reliable, customizable, growing & ... Easy Web Based Setup: Just unzip a ~85KB file Quick, Handy and powerful Administration:

    6. Phormer as A Produect (cont’d) Phormer’s advantages (cont’d): Fast and W3C valid pages: Tableless and human-made HTMLs Two separate methods of Categorization: Not only by subject nee as Category) but also by event (nee as Story) Hierarchical and multiple Categorization: Categories can be inherited and beside, each photo can be placed inside several Categs. Countable Privacy: Private (Passworded) and unlisted modes are available for each Categ/Story.

    7. Phormer as A Produect (cont’d) Phormer’s advantages (cont’d 3 of 8): Different file gathering modes: Either from PC (by Ajaxian built-in upload manager) or from somewhere across the web. AJAX Upload Manager: Name and fill info. of your shot while its upload process goes on the background. Editable Shot: Edit and regenerate everything at every time. RSS Feed: Automatic index.xml generation.

    8. Phormer as A Produect (cont’d) Phormer’s advantages (cont’d 4 of 8): XML Database: using light and easy to edit/modify/backup/handle Database using XML files, you don’t need a MySQL account or any other Heavy databases. Perfect Portability: As all the contents are stored and modified relatively, you can move (mv), zip (tar) or copy (scp) whole the PG using command lines!

    9. Phormer as A Produect (cont’d) Phormer’s advantages (cont’d 5 of 8): Square Thumbs: Easy WYSIWYG PartOfImage Square-Thumbnail generator tool helps you to create best-fitted and catchy thumbs!

    10. Phormer as A Produect (cont’d) Phormer’s advantages (cont’d 6 of 8): Advanced Commenting Manager: Gathers visitors comments on each single photo or entire story, and on the Admin Area, shows the recently added. Spam fighting program: Either block an IP or Enable the word verification option. Improved rating system: Saves the rating (opinion - 1..5) of visitors on each photo and catch top rated! Hit counter: Stores number of visiting times of each single photo and can sort them, later by hits!

    11. Phormer as A Produect (cont’d) Phormer’s advantages (cont’d 7 of 8): Various Themes: You’ll never get border with 10 different style and customizable CSS. Various Styles: You can set the first page to show the photos in: Last Addeds (one or more) Top Rated Photos Top Visited Photos Recently Visited Photos And ...

    12. Phormer as A Produect (cont’d) Phormer’s advantages (cont’d 8 of 8): Jungle Mode: Where the thumbs place randomly above each other and get flashed upon hovering. EXIF: Reads internal datas of the .jpg files written by digital camera, like exposure time, flash value and etc. Unicode Support: All the data can be in Persian or any other Language as all encodings are UTF-8.

    13. Phormer as A Produect (cont’d) That was all about Phormer! You can download and setup/run it now from Its 4000 lines of PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS are all open source. Do you want to know why?

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    15. Phormer as An Open Source Proj. Thousand lines of code for nothing?! Do it for human being Philosophy (, Improve Faster and Better Report Bugs Feature Requests Find Colleagues / Developers

    16. Phormer as An Open Source (cont’d) Source Forge, The beating solution, home of Emule, GAIM, NUV and etc. Release System, Hosting, Homepage CVS, Tracker, Statistics Real free testers Find similar Project And much more!

    17. Phormer as An Open Source (cont’d) Phormer’s Download Statistics 1500th Active Project. 3 Months of alpha-testing, no downloads! 40 Days of public release, 340 Downloads!

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    19. Phormer as A Secondary Activity Learning wished fields (PHP, MySQL, AJAX) Have a real lasting impression Helping People Meeting new friends (users / reporters / developers)

    20. Phormer as A Secondary ... (cont’d) Provoking Creativity Moving toward new technologies to be updated (AJAX, EXIF) Count more yourself ...!

    21. Thanks for your attendance! Don’t forget to be your Phormer: