gs1 logger for staff workshop 19 october 2012 bucharest n.
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GS1 Logger for Staff Workshop 19 October 2012, Bucharest PowerPoint Presentation
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GS1 Logger for Staff Workshop 19 October 2012, Bucharest

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GS1 Logger for Staff Workshop 19 October 2012, Bucharest - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GS1 Logger for Staff Workshop 19 October 2012, Bucharest. Agenda. Opening & introducing Results and achievements so far – Report – Dávid Kétszeri Feedbacks from MOs – Free discussion Demo - All the new features of Logger for Staff Application version 2.0 - Zsolt Bócsi

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Presentation Transcript

Opening & introducing

Results and achievementsso far –Report – Dávid Kétszeri

FeedbacksfromMOs – Free discussion

Demo - Allthenewfeatures of LoggerforStaffApplication version 2.0 - Zsolt Bócsi

Suggestions - Discussingrequirementsto be developedinthenextphase - Free discussion


gs1 logger for staff work shop 19 october 2012 b ucharest

GS1 LoggerforStaffWork Shop19 October 2012, Bucharest

Results and achievementsso far Project Report

goal and objectives of the gs1 in eu project
Goal and objectives of the GS1 in EU project
  • The goal is to provide a common agreed mobile tool for GS1 Member Organizations to validate GS1 GCPs.
  • Objectives:
    • Common agreed process for verification
    • Availability of the application on iOSmobile platform and in as many languages as needed
    • Professional and „best” barcode reader software integration
deliverables of the 1st phase
Deliverables of the 1st phase
  • Starts: January 2012
  • Ends: July 2012
  • Real-time, user friendly application to verify GS1 GCPs for the whole GS1 community:
    • Report showing the results of the pilot testing in as many countries as possible
    • Summary report highlighting the status of developments and the agreed process and framework of GS1 Logger for Staff to become as common tool to validate GS1 GCP in Europe (specification of the application, agreed process to use it)
    • Recommendation for the further development, hosting and maintenance– That’s whywestartedthediscussionwiththe Global Office and that’s whyweare here
other results of the gs1 in eu project
Otherresults of the GS1 in EU project

A not expected side-effect of the project was to the call the attention of the weak operation of the Gepir Network. This issue was addressed on a sufficient level and hopefully will be resolved by the Global Office.

Upon request a process was developed in order to monitor how MOs actually follow up the invalid numbers identified by the application (See appendix!)


MOs registered so far

22. GS1 Kazakhstan

23. GS1 Kenya

24. GS1 Latvia

25. GS1 Macedonia

26. GS1 Moldova

27. GS1 Netherlands

28. GS1 New Zealand

29. GS1 Norway

30. GS1 Poland

31. GS1 Portugal

32. GS1 Romania

33. GS1 Russia

34. GS1 Serbia

35. GS1 Singapore

36. GS1 Slovakia

37. GS1 Slovenia

38. GS1 Spain

39. GS1 Switzerland

40. GS1 Syria

41. GS1 UK

42. GS1 USA

43. GS1 Venezuela

  • GS1 Albania
  • GS1 Australia
  • GS1 Belgium&Luxembourg
  • GS1 Bosnia&Herzegovina
  • GS1 Bulgaria
  • GS1 China
  • GS1 CzechRepublic
  • GS1 Denmark
  • GS1 Egyipt
  • GS1 Finland
  • GS1 France
  • GS1 Georgia
  • GS1 Germany
  • GS1 Global Office
  • GS1 Hong Kong
  • GS1 Hungary
  • GS1 Indonesia
  • GS1 Ireland
  • GS1 Italy
  • GS1 Japan
  • GS1 Jordan


5 Continents

216 Users

please continue
  • Release of version 2.0 capable to perform data contentverification(and later barcode verification – v. 3.0)
  • Upon request from the current users to develop the Android version of the application (based on the iOS version 2.0 and to be tested on specific devices from the Android portfolio, e.g Samsung)
  • Report on the follow up of invalid numbers
  • Maintenance and handover to the GO

Due to the successful first phase of the Logger for Staff project the Regional Executive Committee of GS1 in Europe requested to continue the project

  • Activity Sponsor
    • Béla Magyar and Boglárka Patvaros, GS1 Hungary
  • Project Leader
    • Tímea Fodor, GS1 Hungary
  • Duration
    • 1 July 2012 – 1 July 2013 (Maybe earlierdependson GO)
  • Budget:12 500 EUR
    • 5000 EUR – annuallicense of theprofessional barcode reader software for two platforms and itsfurtherdevelopmentuponrequest(iOS and Android)
    • 2500 EUR – Website and server development
    • 5000 EUR – develop the Android version of the application
discussions with the go started
Discussionswiththe GO started…
  • At the last F2F meeting in May (Monica Walsh and Malcolm Bowden representing GS1 GO) GS1 Hungary officially announced that we would be ready to grant a licencetothe GS1 Logger for Staff to GS1 GO.
  • The proposal was welcomed by Malcolm Bowden and he requested the following:
    • Arrange a follow-up meeting in Q3 2012 to discuss the possibilities of transfering the Logger for Staff infrastructure
    • Get an endorsement of GS1 in Europe
endorsement of gs1 in europe
Endorsement of GS1 in Europe

The Regional Executive Committee agreed with the proposal to grant a licence toadminister the application and its infrastructure to the GO taking into account that more and more MOs have been using it outside of Europe

REC decided to extend the project with an additional year for further developments and ensuring sufficient time to agree with the GOaboutthehandover.

common process to use the application and follow up invalid numbers
Common process to use the application and follow up invalid numbers
  • The REC asked for biannual or quarterly reports about the follow up of captured invalid numbers!
  • To be able to do so we need to agree what to do when we find an invalid number with the application.
    • Take 1-2 picture(s) of the product carrying an invalid numbers to allow the MOs to follow up.
    • The picture(s) should allow the relevant MO to identify the owner of the product and preferably the product itself
    • Send the report together with picture(s) to the relevant MO
report on following up of the invalid numbers caught by the app
Report on following up of the invalid numbers caught by the app

See the details on the next slides!

  • In order to ensure the core value of our system MOs should do their best to use the report sent by Logger for Staff app and follow up the caught invalid numbers!
  • In the (bi-annual ) report MOs need to answer questions as follows:
    • Actions taken by the MO
    • Reason of invalidity
    • Status
i actions taken by the mo
I. Actions taken by the MO
  • Did you follow up the invalid number caught by Logger for Staff? (yes/no)
  • Did you manage to contact the product owner based on the information on the picture about the label sent by the application? (yes/no)
  • Did you manage to identify the reason of invalidity? (yes/no)
ii reasons of invalidity
II. Reasons of invalidity
  • Membership was not renewed accidentally by a former user company due to administration details (not on purpose)
  • Membership was not renewed on purpose by a former user company – system misuse (See more detail on the next slide!)
  • The company does not exist anymore
  • Administrational or technical reasons due the MO
  • Other
types of system misuse
Types of System Misuse
  • The GS1 System Protection Guideline defines the following types:
    • Copying numbers: A manufacturer/supplier copies the GS1 company prefix or GTINs of a GS1 user company
    • Inventing numbers: A manufacturer/supplier uses GTINs that have not yet been assigned
    • Parallel GS1 organisation: An organisation uses the country prefix of an existing MO or unassigned country prefix to allocate GTINs to manufacturers/suppliers
    • Unauthorised transfer of GS1 numbers. A member of a MO transfers GTINs from its own number bank to another user
    • GTIN Reseller: An organisation/company acquires GTINs from a GS1 member company and sells them to manufacturers/suppliers

Membership renewed

New membership

Specific Company Prefix withdrawn

Legal process

gs1 logger for staff

GS1 Logger forStaff

19 October 2012, Bucharest

gs1 logger for staff version 2 0
GS1 Logger forStaff version 2.0

Itcanverifyall GS1 ID Keys insimpleorcomplexsymbols

It scans EAN-8, EAN-13, UPCA, UPCE, GS1-128, GS1 QR Code, GS1 DataMatrix, GS1 DataBar OmnidirectionalandITF-14

ItdecodesallGS1 ApplicationIdentifiers

gs1 logger for staff version 2 01
GS1 Logger forStaff version 2.0

Besides GEPIR checking (Validation), theAppverifiesthesymbolitselfand thecontentdataaccordingtotheGenSpecv13 (Qualification)

Allcomplexbarcodes (multipleelementstrings) aredecoded, and checkedbytherules of mandatory, exclude and relationpairs.

Eachelementstring is verifiedaccordingtotherules of thecorresponding AI.

Symboland datacontentarecheckedby GS1 standards

gs1 logger for staff version 2 02
GS1 Logger forStaff version 2.0

Settings: GPS ON Leveland GPS OFF GLN settings

GPS ON – availableinthreelevels of publicview

GPS OFF – withsimple country selection

GPS OFF – with more detailedhierarchy


GS1 Logger forStaff - the back-office version 2.0 and newback-officewithextendedinformationandservices

  • History and details available on the web
    • Sign in with your unique userpassword
    • Choose language (English, Russian, Hungarian,Portuguese and more to come)
gs1 logger for staff the back office http stafflogger gs1hu org home
GS1 Logger for Staff - the back-office
  • Makingcomplexstatisticalqueries
  • Status
  • Code status
  • Period of time
  • Hideduplicates
  • GS1 Organizations
  • Users
  • GS1 ID Keys
  • Scanningdevices
  • Countries
  • AIs
  • GEPIR requests
  • Returncodes
gs1 logger for staff the back office http stafflogger gs1hu org home1
GS1 Logger for Staff - the back-office
  • Comlex checking according to the GEPIR and General Specifications v13
  • Link totheproduct
  • GEPIR returncodes
  • Checklist of Logger status
gs1 logger for staff the back office http stafflogger gs1hu org home2
GS1 Logger forStaff - the back-office
  • New possibilities
  • Youcancheckwhetherthereportwassentornot
  • Youcanseethepicturewasattachedtothereport
  • Automatic image upload
gs1 logger for staff the back office statistics menu on the website i stat1 stat2 stat3 stat4
GS1 Logger forStaff - the back-officeStatisticsmenuonthewebsite I.Stat1, Stat2, Stat3, Stat4

Stat2 shows the distribution of user scans amongst countries

Stat1 contains the number of scans from users

gs1 logger for staff the back office statistics menu on the website ii
GS1 Logger for Staff - the back-officeStatistics menu on the website II.

Stat3 shows the distribution of GEPIR router return codes

Stat4 shows the distribution of scans with a specific status by country.

gs1 logger for staff the back office translation and profile menu on the website
GS1 Logger for Staff - the back-officeTranslation and profile menu on the website

Translationallowsyoutodothetranslation of yourownlanguage.

Profileallowsyoutosetyourpreferredlanguage and the display mode of yourscanninglocation.



Tímea Fodor

GS1 Hungary, Project manager

Zsolt Bócsi

GS1 Hungary, System manager