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Air Pollution Video

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Air Pollution Video. Air and Water Resources Chapter 5. Air Pollution. Guiding Questions. What is air pollution and how is it dangerous? What causes photochemcial smog?

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Presentation Transcript
air pollution video
Air Pollution Video
guiding questions
Guiding Questions
  • What is air pollution and how is it dangerous?
  • What causes photochemcial smog?
  • How does the ozone layer protect people?
  • What happens during a temperature inversion?
  • Give three examples of indoor air pollutants and why are they dangerous.
  • What is the greenhouse effect and how does it help us?
  • Why is global warming dangerous?
main ideas
Main Ideas
  • Air pollution is a change to the atmosphere that has harmful effects . Substances that cause pollution are called pollutants.
main ideas1
Main Ideas
  • Photochemical smog is a thick brownish haze formed when certain gases in the air react with sunlight.
  • The major sources of photochemical smog are the gases emitted by motor vehicles
main ideas2
Main Ideas
  • A temperature inversion is when a layer of warm air prevents the rising air from escaping. The polluted air is trapped and held close to Earth’s surface. The smog becomes more concentrated and dangerous.
main ideas3
Main Ideas
  • Sources of indoor air pollution include smoke, dust, pet hair, and asbestos. Two dangerous pollutants that are very difficult to detect are carbon monoxide and radon.
main ideas4
Main Ideas
  • The ozone layer is a layer of the upper atmosphere about 30 kilometers above Earth’s surface. Yet even the small amount of ozone in the ozone layer protects people from the effects of too much ultraviolet radiation.
  • Ozone is the major, toxic chemical found in smog
  • Gases containing CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) create a hold in the ozone layer. Why is this bad?
main ideas5
Main Ideas
  • Precipitation in an acidic form is called acid rain. It is produced by heavy pollution in the air.
main ideas6
Main Ideas
  • Gases in the Earth’s atmosphere such as water vapor and carbon dioxide prevent heat from escaping back into space. This is called the greenhouse effect.
main ideas7
Main Ideas
  • Global warming is the theory that predicts that carbon dioxide will cause the average temperature to continue to rise. What problems could this cause.
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