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Trial of muff potter. What are ethics?. Read the definition On the back write 1 paragraph for the *****TS question and 1 other ethical question from the paper (1-4). Courtroom trial.

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What are ethics
What are ethics?

  • Read the definition

  • On the back write 1 paragraph for the *****TS question and 1 other ethical question from the paper (1-4)

Courtroom trial
Courtroom trial

  • Every citizen of the US has the right to an attorney and a defense against any charges that are brought on a person.

  • Innocent until proven guilty.

  • Muff Potter had an unfair trial.

  • We are going to give him a more just trial.

People of the court
People of the court

  • Judge

  • Bailiff

  • Jury

  • Prosecution

  • Defense

  • Attorney for the Defense

  • Attorney for the Prosecution

  • Count clerk/time keeper

  • Stenographer

  • Courtroom artist

  • Journalist

Opening statements
Opening statements

  • One of the most important roles for the attorneys is to make an impeccable opening statement.

  • This sets the tone for their job and their position in the trial (for or against)

  • This also puts a message into the minds of the jury…a pre-judgement or sorts.


  • Make a compelling case to the jury and the court!

Know the facts
Know the facts

  • Re-read and analyze Ch. 9

    • Write a numbered outline of the events in the order that they occurred

    • Detail any info/details that could help the court case

  • Re-read and analyze Ch. 23

  • Who are the witnesses?

  • What statements did they make?

  • Are their statements true?

  • Is there any physical evidence?

  • Who was at the scene?

  • What evidence is there? For the crime? For Muff Potter? About his character?

  • Defense/Prosecution’s job to present the character of the person (as bad…or good)

  • Gather evidence for both sides on your T-chart

A mock trial example
A mock trial example

  • Video



  • Muff Potter trial?


Mock trial preference sheet
Mock trial preference sheet

  • Select a preference (3 choices)

  • Rate them in order

  • Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get what you want

  • If too much, we will choose at random….

Complete opening state prep sheet
Complete opening state. Prep sheet

  • Complete the sheets for both sides…you do not know yet what your role in the trial will be…

  • Then write your opening statements for both sides. This will serve as a rough draft for the real thing and a draft for your group to use.

  • Read the guidelines for writing an opening statement…

  • And refine it tonight for homework using


Prep day
Prep day

  • Work in groups for the trial

    • Defense/Muff Attorneys & defense witnesses, Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn

    • Prosecution Attorneys & prosecution witnesses & Injun Joe

    • Bailiff, time-keeper, stenographer, journalist, courtroom artist meet with Judge Jorgenson

  • Professional dress on Friday