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SCSU Fraternity & Sorority Learning Community Required Educational Programs PowerPoint Presentation
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SCSU Fraternity & Sorority Learning Community Required Educational Programs

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SCSU Fraternity & Sorority Learning Community Required Educational Programs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PHC Standards and Risk Management. SCSU Fraternity & Sorority Learning Community Required Educational Programs. The St. Cloud State Fraternity and Sorority Community is a comprehensive learning community that intentionally integrates academic and personal development through:

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ongoing education

The St. Cloud State Fraternity and Sorority Community is a comprehensive learning community that intentionally integrates academic and personal development through:

    • Academic success and scholarship engagement
    • Service and philanthropic experience
    • Social connection and global citizenship
    • Leadership exploration and development
    • Values exploration and character development

( Mission Statement and Values, Fraternity and Sorority Program and Policy Manual; pg 33 2010/2011 Student Organization Guidebook)

Ongoing Education
vision mission and values vision and purpose of governing councils of st cloud state university

Develop a strong academic community through F/S community wide programming and resource sharing each semester;

Display a strong public image for the SCSU F/S Community, both inside and outside the greater SCSU community, in alignment with the strong values and activities of its members

Provide a unified voice and direction emphasizing cooperation amongst F/S and collaborative efforts with the university;

Provide leadership training and member education opportunities for the members of fraternities and sororities, including conferences, retreats, workshops, and other resources

Facilitate the growth of the community and recruitment of new members by providing recruitment opportunities and training and support for our members

Hold our community accountable to itself by using fair and consistent judicial processes when necessary, establishing rules in the best interest of all, and maintaining support and legitimacy for IFC and PHC.

Encourage high achievement amongst SCSU Fraternities & Sororities through implementation of a well supported and completed F/S of Excellence program each year.

Develop into a leading campus organization that has campus-wide programming and impact and establishes positive relationships with the university and other major student organizations and constituencies

Develop and maintain a high level of operations with regard to the organization and  the members of out IFC and PHC.

Strive for high achievement as governing councils by participating in the Mid-American Greek Council Association conference and awards submissions each year;

Strive for continuous improvement by examining the goals, progress, and vision of the respective councils each semester in order to maintain alignment with the needs and values of members and the greater mission of these councils as a whole.

Vision, Mission and ValuesVision and Purpose of Governing Councils of St Cloud State University
ongoing education cont

Why are functions required?

    • Our Sororities have an agreement aligned with our Insurance carrier to conduct annual education as to reduce risk and promote healthy environments for our members.
    • As members of the SCSU Fraternity and Sorority Community, it is our responsibility to uphold the mission statement of SCSU.
    • The basis of these programs are to help promote leadership, responsibility, critical thinking and social competence.
    • The programs must be approved by and recognized by both CSOLD (FS Advisor) to be a completed program
Ongoing Education Cont.
what are the required educational programs
What Are the Required Educational Programs?
  • As stated on page(s) 47 and 48 of the 2010/2011 edition of the Student Organization Guidebook, the following programs are required:
    • Explanation of General Fraternity Insurance Coverage and Risk management Policy
    • Criminal Liability Education/Legal Concepts (Hazing)
    • Alcohol and Drug Abuse (U-Choose)
    • Fire Prevention (Fire)
    • Sexual Abuse and harassment Program (Sexual Abuse)

*An annual Educational Programming Year is aligned with the leadership cycle of SCSU F/S Community. Example: Spring 2011 ~ Fall 2011

*All Program documentation completed must be turned into CSOLD NLT January 1st, 2011

  • Explanation of General Fraternity Insurance Coverage and Risk management Policy (Your Advisory Team Must review your policies, risk management, and standards annually)
  • Criminal Liability Education/Legal Concepts (Hazing Education) (You are required to review and be educated on Hazing annually) ~ Governing councils provide the large scale program you must participate in to meet this requirement)
  • Sexual Abuse and harassment Program (Sexual Abuse) (CSOLD will provide you a list of pre-approved options otherwise you can seek approval in an advance for an option)
  • Alcohol & Drug Program (U Choose) (You must set up a U choose program annually)
  • Fire Prvention & Awareness Program ((CSOLD will provide you a list of pre-approved options otherwise you can seek approval in an advance for an option)
explanation of general fraternity insurance coverage and risk management policy
Explanation of General Fraternity Insurance Coverage and Risk Management Policy
  • The fraternity or sorority general risk management policy will be reviewed with all members and each section discussed in an educational format.
  • The required educational programs should be discussed as well as each member's participation in these programs.

Your Chapter Advisor or Faculty Advisor must review the FIPG, Risk Management, Membership Standards and Individual F/S Policies with your members and Verify their review through signature

criminal liability basic concepts
Criminal Liability/Basic Concepts
  • Criminal liability associated with a fraternity.
  • Alcohol misuse.
  • Hazing.
  • Sexual abuse and harassment.
  • Date rape.
  • Drunk driving.
  • Illegal drug use.
  • Serving/buying for minors.
  • Party accidents/deaths.
  • Explanation of how an officer would be criminally liable for the actions of the fraternity or sorority
  • Loss of fraternity or sorority house to Federal government.
alcohol and drug abuse
Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • All members or SCSU fraternities and sororities must complete an annual U-Choose program.
fire prevention

Proper fire prevention procedures for your facility.

A quarterly fire drill for the entire fraternity or sorority (vary the time of day for each drill).

Facility evacuation routes - established, discussed, and posted throughout the house.

Standard fire prevention and escape tips.

How - and when - to use fire extinguishers.

Fire Prevention
sexual abuse and harassment program

AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases.

Date rape; acquaintance rape.

fraternity or sorority attitude toward sexism/sexist remarks.

Are events sexist? Do they promote sexist attitudes in members?

The living environment of your fraternity - cleanliness, food service center, bathroomsHygiene - group and personal.

Sexual Abuse and Harassment Program
completing and receiving credit

In order to fully complete and receive credit for completion of these requirements the following must happen:

    • Attendance requirements must be made
      • 90% of active members must be present (with no associate members)
      • 80% of active members and 100% of associate members
    • Forms (located on CSOLD’s website) must be complete, with presenters signature, and turned into CSOLD’s office (Stu and Amanda).
Completing and Receiving Credit
complete forms

Forms can be downloaded at:

    • Signatures Needed to verify
    • Risk Management Educational Program
      • Policy & Insurance Review Certification Form
      • Sexual Abuse & Harassment Form
      • Hazing Education & Awareness Form
      • U Choose Program Form
      • Fire Prevention & Awareness Form
    • Recruitment & Growth Educational Program
      • Recruitment & Growth Program Form
Complete Forms
fraternity and sorority program and policy manual section 5 responsibilities registration

If a fraternity or sorority fails to complete the annual registration process, the organization will need to meet with the fraternity and sorority program advisers of CSOLD and appeal their loss of registration. If the group fails to register or appeal their registration, the group will lose all benefits afforded through the program. This includes:

  • Waiting one calendar year from the renewal date to be eligible to apply for an annual budget from the Student Government Association. Because campus programs are funded at a different level than student groups, the Student Government Association and Fee Allocation Committee will determine the effects on budget for failure to complete annual registration.
  • Interim suspension of current funding.
  • All Inter/national affiliated fraternities and sororities headquarters and local advisory teams will be afforded notice of failure to complete registration and recognition requirements.
  • A referral and recommendation for review will be forwarded to the assistant dean of students (Conduct Office). The written complaint will recommend summary suspension and may include but is not limited to:
    • Knowingly furnishing false information to university personnel
    • Failure to comply with the directions of university officials including, but not limited to, University Public Safety, residence hall staff, faculty or administrators acting in the performance of their duties.
    • Falsely claiming to represent the university or a registered student organization of the university.
    • Violation of published University policies, rules or regulations.
Fraternity and Sorority Program and Policy Manual Section 5: Responsibilities & Registration
fraternity and sorority program policy manual section 10 membership recruitment growth expectations

Education & Training Expectations

Annual training and education will be completed to support the competencies needed for successful membership sustainability and successful values-based recruitment.

Upon completion of each educational program, a certification form will be submitted to CSOLD no later than 10 days following the program. Program certification forms are available for download in the fraternity and sorority member section of the CSOLD website.

Recruitment & Growth Educational Program

Recruitment & Growth Program Form

Fraternity and Sorority Program & Policy ManualSection 10: Membership Recruitment & Growth Expectations

Fraternity Information and Programming Group (FIPG)

  • Fraternity Risk Management Trust (FRMT, Ltd.)
  • Insurance agents specializing in writing insurance for fraternal organizations:
      • HRH/Kirklin & Co., LLC ~ Presentation Requests
      • James R. Favor Co., LLC
      • MJ Insurance, Inc.