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Turing Award. Kun-Mao Chao ( 趙坤茂 ) Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering National Taiwan University, Taiwan A note given in BCC class on March 20, 2013. 計算機科學大事紀. 西元 1937 年 亞蘭杜林( Alan Turing )提出了杜林機( Turing Machine )的概念 Alan Turing 在二次大戰時設計 , 破解了德國的 Enigma 密碼.

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turing award

Turing Award

Kun-Mao Chao (趙坤茂)

Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

National Taiwan University, Taiwan

A note given in BCC class on March 20, 2013

  • 西元1937年
    • 亞蘭杜林(Alan Turing)提出了杜林機(Turing Machine)的概念
    • Alan Turing在二次大戰時設計, 破解了德國的Enigma密碼
turing award1
Turing Award
  • Nobel prize in computer science
  • ACM's most prestigious technical award is accompanied by a prize of $250,000, which in recent years has been underwritten by the Intel Corporation and Google, Inc. (The prize was $100,000.) It is given to an individual selected for contributions of a technical nature made to the computing community. The contributions should be of lasting and major technical importance to the computer field. Financial support of the Turing Award is provided by the Intel Corporation.
  • 西元1966年開始
turing award2
Turing Award
  • Donald Knuth 1974
  • Steven Cook 1982
  • Ken Thompson & Dannis Ritchie 1983
  • John E. Hopcroft 1986
  • 姚期智院士在西元2000年時, 獲頒Turing Award (唯一華人得主)
  • Vinton G. Cerf and Robert E. Kahn (TCP/IP;Fathers of the Internet) 2004
  • Judea Pearl (Bayesian networks) 2011
  • Shafi Goldwasser and Silvio Micali 2012
alan turing me
Alan Turing & Me

H.A. Newton  E.H. Moore (1885 Yale Univ.)

 Oswald Veblen (1903 U. of Chicago)

 Alonzo Church (1927 Princeton)

 Bob Ritchie (1961 Princeton)

 Webb Miller (1968 Washington)

 Kun-Mao Chao (1993 Penn State)



Alan Turing

turing award 2012 announced on march 13 2013
Turing Award 2012(announced on March 13, 2013)

Shafi Goldwasser and Silvio Micali


Source: MIT News

the pioneering work of goldwasser and micali
The Pioneering Work of Goldwasser and Micali
  • They were credited for “revolutionizing the science of cryptography” and developing the gold standard for enabling secure Internet transactions.
    • probabilistic encryption
    • the simulation paradigm demonstrating a system’s security
    • the idea of “zero-knowledge” proofs

Source: MIT News


“I am very proud to have won the Turing Award,” Goldwasser says. “Our work was very unconventional at the time. We were graduate students and let our imagination run free, from using randomized methods to encrypt single bits to enlarging the classical definition of a proof to allow a small error to setting new goals for security. Winning the award is further testimony to the fact that the cryptographic and complexity theoretic community embraced these ideas in the last 30 years.”

Source: MIT News


“I am honored by this recognition and thankful to the computer science community,” Micali adds. “As graduate students, we took some serious risks and faced a few rejections, but also received precious encouragement from exceptional mentors. I am also proud to see how far others have advanced our initial work.”

Source: MIT News