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Transitions. Welcome Recruitment Sector business with refugee professional candidates Thursday March 28 th 2013. Objectives for Transitions Advisory Network meeting 7. Impartial, collaborative, informal, participative Exchange of information, experience and advice

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Recruitment Sector business with

refugee professional candidates

Thursday March 28th 2013


Objectives for transitions advisory network meeting 7
Objectives for Transitions Advisory Network meeting 7

Impartial, collaborative, informal, participative

Exchange of information, experience and advice

(please see terms of reference document)


Action planning


Transitions mission
Transitions’ Mission

  • To contribute to a more equitable skilled labour market in London, with particular reference to professionals who are refugees.

    79% of 2011 Transitions clients in skilled jobs (19/24)

    65% of 2011-2012 interns in skilled jobs (20/31)


Accessing the skills of refugee professionals
Accessing the skills of refugee professionals

Eg(A-Z order) Examples of jobs:

Accountant (Credit Union)

Electrical engineer(National Grid)

ICT support engineer (ITM Soil)

Journalist (Minority Journal)

Lawyer(Financial Ombudsman Service),

Telecoms Engineer (Virgin Media)

Marine Biology researcher (Blue Ventures)

Planning engineer (Bechtel)

Refugee Adviser (Refugee Action Kingston)


Transitions 4 aims
Transitions’ 4 Aims

  • To increase the number of highly skilled refugees finding skilled jobs in London

  • To empower job-seeking highly skilled refugees

  • Contributing to best practice and influencingpolicy makers

  • To manage a social enterprise (constituted to reinvest profits to achieve above aims) recruitment-focussed business


Some employment stats
Some employment stats

As a group, refugee professionals are likely to have higher levels of qualifications and skills than the UK population. Despite….refugees are less successful in finding jobs: the employment rate for refugees in London is less than 30%.

Page 16 Greater London Authority ‘London Enriched’ report.


Some more transitions stats
Some more Transitions stats


  • Database of 190 candidates. Almost no advertising

  • Range of professions. Core professions are engineering, accountancy and international development.


  • 52 candidates received intensive services: advice, professional profiling, professional body support, suite of workshops, internships, recruitment, advocacy.

  • Supported 31 internships (22 direct Transitions)

  • 23 out of 52 in skilled work (44%)


Did you know
Did you know?

  • How many people were given refugee status in the UK in 2011?

  • What does the term ‘Refugee’ mean?



  • 4,312. That wouldn’t half-fill the Albert Hall. .007 of the UK population. 11,731 people were refused.

    (Please see Refugee Council website for these Home Office stats under ‘Briefings: Asylum Statistics)

  • A refugee is someone who, under the 1951 UN Refugee Convention, has been given safety because of a well-founded fear of persecution.


Recruitment agency partnerships
Recruitment Agency partnerships

National Grid/GTI Solutions GraduateElectrical Engineering

TLM, Sanjay Aggarwal: International Development experienced hire/experienced internships

Mango NGO Senior Accountancy

HCL Social Care Registered social work

TXM Recruit (terms under discussion) Graduate/experienced hire Engineering

Reed? (Circle Housing) Range? (semi-skilled?)

Hays?(Camden Council)Range?(semi-skilled?)

Adecco? (Sutton Council) Range? (Semi-skilled?)


Recruitment partnerships questions
Recruitment Partnerships questions

  • fair access to recruitment opportunities (range of procurement approaches: eg direct approach, master vendor, inhouse recruiters)

  • diversity management of procurement process

  • insurance and business profile requirements (proportionate)

  • social value act 2012 (along the supply chain)