life in canada for the people of grenada n.
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LIFE IN CANADA for the people of Grenada PowerPoint Presentation
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LIFE IN CANADA for the people of Grenada

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LIFE IN CANADA for the people of Grenada - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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life in canada for the people of grenada

LIFE IN CANADAfor the people of Grenada


canada and grenada
  • My name is Faith Zaran. I am from the great country of Canada, and I am incredibly blessed to be able to speak to you about my Country. I am very interested in learning more about your culture, and any other things that make the Country of Grenada such a wonderful place! After looking at some photos of your Country, I have developed a great respect for all of you, because baring such intense days of pure heat must be challenging in most circumstances. Canada is a very chilly place to live, and I am sure you have seen some photos of our Country at some point in time. It may be cold, but Canada is among one of the most unique places in the world. We are incredibly multicultural here in Canada. Each ethnic background seems to have a traditional food. On each street, you will find at least four completely different dining experiences. I have yet to learn of Grenada’s unique tastes in food, and the various traditional values that you may find behind them.
canada and grenada con
  • The food in Canada ranges from Asian to Italian, and Mexican to Greek. We even have a form of “Fast Food’, which should not be in anyone’s best interests to eat. Looking at photos on the internet, I see that the food in Grenada consists of varieties of vegetables and chicken, as well as some rice. It’s nice to see what you prefer. Activities in Canada that are diverse to the activities in other countries involve snow, and I am almost positive that you continue to be curious about snow. I must let you know that snow is very cold to the touch, and it is white. There are some people in this country that decide to eat snow. Yes, they devour snow. One very crucial thing you must remember when attempting to eat snow… if the snow is not white, DO NOT EAT IT! Snow is not used to eat in our Country, but it is used to cover mountains, where people ski.  
canada and grenada con1
  • Skiing is one of our many chilly activities. To describe it best, I would have to say that it involves a person standing on a couple of slim, flat rods made of aluminum and glass fibers. You basically glide down steep slopes on mountains on a couple of flat rods. It is incredibly fun. Other activities include sledding, which is an activity involving some flat surfaces on a hill. Children enjoy sliding down hills on these flat surfaces, You may know of a sport called Hockey. If you are wondering, yes, Hockey is Canadian. It is rough to be involved in, but most Canadians enjoy it. Unlike some other people, Canadians embrace the cold. We appreciate it.
family and school life
  • I have a miniature dachshund named Snickers. I have one brother and a couple of parents. My father owns a healthy takeout and dine in restaurant in the downtown area of Calgary. I work for my dad on most weekends.
  • We are very blessed in Canada to have the opportunity to attend such amazing schools. The school I attend, St. James, is one of the most versatile schools around. It may be small, but it has the most heart than any other school I have ever seen.
  • Our core subjects consist of Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. These are the most important classes we take. Other classes are Art, Band class, Drama, Physical Education, and of course Global Leadership. We do get Homework, but usually if we work hard enough, homework is less overwhelming than it normally would be.
about me

In ninth grade, we get the opportunity to take part in a class called Global Leadership. This class gives us the ability to explore our world a little more, and realize the impacts we have on our globe socially and environmentally. Our goal is to try our best to locate these issues, and speak on them, so that we can make a better Canada, and a better world.

I enjoy taking part in some Canadian activities, like skiing, which I mentioned earlier. If you ever get the chance to come to Canada, I recommend trying it.

about me con
  • I enjoy music, film, and Global Leadership. I have lived in Canada my whole life, and I have never been outside of North America. I have travelled to Phoenix, Arizona, Orlando, Florida, and Hawaii in the Unites States Of America. I’ve been to British Columbia and Saskatchewan in Canada, as well as Ontario.
  • I own a drum set, and I like to play around on it often times, I enjoy reading and writing. At one point in my life, I Hope to do public speaking, because it’s a good experience. I like all forms of weather. I grow tired of too much warmth, as well as too much chilliness.
  • The last thing you should know about me is that learning about Grenada excites me, because I have never been there. Its going to be really awesome to learn about your culture! 
solutions to global issues
  • I believe that we will be chatting back and forth with all of you concerning various Global concerns in both of our Countries, and of course, all over the Globe. I understand that Coral Reefs are an eminent problem for you at the moment. We will be able to speak to you about ways in which we can reduce certain harmful impacts on your Coral Reefs and anything else that needs to be discussed. By doing so, we will establish more efficient ways to take care of our earth. I look forward to speaking to you all. Thanks very much.