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Your Perfect Source of Thesis Writing Inspiration: PowerPoint Presentation
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Your Perfect Source of Thesis Writing Inspiration:

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Your Perfect Source of Thesis Writing Inspiration: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Read a brief history about the most inspiring theses from the top geniuses and find the inspiration that keeps you from writing your masterpiece. https://managementpaper.com/how-to-write-a-thesis.php

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Your Perfect Source of Thesis Writing Inspiration:

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    2. THE PURPOSE OF AN MBA THESIS FOR THE STUDENTS IS TO PUT FORTH A STRONG BELIEF ON A SPECIFIC TOPIC OF A SUBJECT. Through a thesis they officially declare that belief on the subject, mentioning it initially, then describing it in detail and finally concluding after establishing facts on this belief.

    3. HERE IS A LIST OF THE BEST THESES FROM GENIUSES Hope you find the inspiration you’re looking for from these theses and write your own academic masterpiece

    4. MARIE CURIE’S RECHERCHES SUR LES SUBSTANCES RADIOACTIVES (1903) When translated to English this thesis title means – Research on Radioactive Substances. The thesis written by the discoverer of Radioactive materials is perhaps the most important scientific document of the 20th century. This paper narrates the story of her discovery of radioactive elements like Polonium and Radium. She was awarded the Nobel Prize for her discovery in 1903 in Physics. This was later to form the core subject of her life’s research. She is also a scientist who has won a Nobel Prize for both Physics as well as Chemistry. The Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded to her on 1911.

    5. Claude Shannon’s A Symbolic Analysis of Relay and Switching Circuits (1937) Another significant thesis of the 20th Century, as it laid down the fundamentals of everything that later formed the basis of ‘digital technology’. Shannon a prodigy at the ripe age of 21 in his thesis, proved how Boolean Algebra can become the building blocks of the magical device – Computers. The concept of making use of binary properties of electrical switches which will later form the core of all digital circuitry was also first proposed by Claude Shannon in his thesis. In simple words, Shannon’s thesis showcased how a bunch of 0s and 1s can do magic.

    6. De Broglie’s Recherches sur la théorie des quanta  (1924) This is his 1924 thesis which when translated to English reads – On the Theory Of Quanta is the one that laid the revolutionary idea of wave-particle duality, which is applied in electrons. He proposed one of the principle ideas of quantum mechanics. His thesis is only 70 pages which is a space much too small for explaining such complex concepts. He later won the Nobel prize for this work only 5 years later.

    7. John Nash’s Non-cooperative games (1950) The subject of a popular movie, called A beautiful mind which starred Russell Crowe playing the character of John Nash. This thesis later formed the building blocks for Nash Equilibrium. And Nash later won the Nobel Prize in Economics (1994). The thesis is of 28 pages and is available online for keen readers. While his handwriting is not too comprehensible, yet his masterpiece remains timeless.

    8. Albert Einstein’s A New Determination of Molecular Dimensions (1906) An instrumental piece of scientific document wherein the famous scientist Albert Einstein was able to reach a very accurate value of the Avogadro’s number. This number was what he and Plank earlier found from their black-body radiation experiment. His thesis later laid down the framework for his next breakthrough work on Brownian Motion. This thesis is the most cited one until date.

    9. Hope this list was enough to inspire you to start on your own thesis A good MBA Dissertation or thesis will require an incredible amount of dedication, hard work and time.

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    12. Thank You!