Nancy franz director isu extension and outreach professional development
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Strengthening Your Engagement Dossier - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nancy Franz Director , ISU Extension and Outreach Professional Development. Strengthening Your Engagement Dossier. Welcome. Nancy’s engagement journey 32 years with Cooperative Extension in Wisconsin, New York, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Iowa Many positions and departments

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Nancy franz director isu extension and outreach professional development

Nancy Franz

Director , ISU Extension and Outreach Professional Development

Strengthening Your Engagement Dossier


Nancy’s engagement journey

  • 32 years with Cooperative Extension in Wisconsin, New York, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Iowa

  • Many positions and departments

  • Three times up for tenure/promotion

  • Help many others up for tenure/promotion

  • Chair of P&T committee and member at all levels

  • External dossier reviewer 3-5 annually

  • Silent sports, reading, gardening, dark chocolate

At your table
At Your Table

  • Your name

  • Position

  • Institution

  • Tenure/promotion journey


  • Engaged scholarship

  • Faculty voices on engagement and engaged scholarship

  • Engaged scholarship P&T resources

  • Documentation of engagement in the academic dossier

  • Best practices list

  • Other good engagement stuff

Why an engaged dossier
Why an Engaged Dossier?

  • Enhance research

  • Enhance teaching

  • Student growth and development

  • Scholar growth and development

  • Address social, economic, and environmental issues

  • Make a difference in the world

Strengthening your engagement dossier

Approaches to Engagement and Scholarship




  • Engagement

  • Mutual benefit

  • Exchange knowledge/resources

  • Reciprocal partnership

Engaged Scholarship

Principles of engagement


Principles of scholarship



  • Service

  • One way/expert presentation to groups

  • Internal committees

  • Professional associations

  • Scholarship

  • Original intellectual work

  • Communicated

  • Validated by peers


Dr. Nancy Franz 2009

Strengthening your engagement dossier

Internal and External Factors


Develop knowledge

Disseminating knowledge

Discover knowledge


Academia community

legacy that grows the field

Condition Change

Learning change

Behavior change


Engagement Assumptions

Figure 1. Franz Engaged Scholarship Model

Faculty voices on engagement and engaged scholarship
Faculty Voices on Engagement and Engaged Scholarship

At your table, review the research report about engagement at Virginia Tech

  • What surprised you

  • What insights do you see for P&T

  • What messages do you see from the faculty

  • What other data do you find interesting

Engagement p t resources
Engagement P&T Resources

  • Making Outreach Visible: A Guide to Documenting Professional Service and Outreach (1999) Driscoll and Lynton

  • Uniscope – Penn State

  • Journal of Extension (2008, 46(4), O’Neill)

  • New Directions for Evaluation (2008, #118, Chapter 1, Jordan, Hage, Mote)

  • Scholarship Assessed (1997, Glassick et al)

  • The Disciplines Speak (1995, Diamond & Adam)

Engagement p t resources1
Engagement P&T Resources

  • New Directions for Institutional Research (2002, #114, Colbeck)

  • Community Engaged Scholarship (2005, Calleson et al.)

  • Higher Education Exchange (2006, Barker)

  • Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement

  • Community Campus Partnership for Health

Engagement p t resources2
Engagement P&T Resources

  • The Academic Portfolio (2009) (Sheldin and Miller)

  • Campus compact

  • Promotion, Tenure, and the Engaged Scholar (2002) in AAHE Bulletin (Gelmon and Agre-Kippenhan)

  • Principles of Best Practices for Community-Based Research (2003) (Strand, Marullo, Cutforth, Stoecker, and Donohue)

Engagement dossier steps
Engagement Dossier Steps

  • Map your efforts

  • Determine what impact will be measured

  • Collect and analyze data

  • Tell your story

Map your efforts
Map Your Efforts

  • Situation

  • Inputs

  • Outputs

  • Outcomes

  • Assumptions

  • External Factors

Mapping methods
Mapping Methods

  • Text

  • Concept Map

  • Logic Model

Determine what impact will be measured
Determine What Impact Will be Measured

  • Processes used in your educational efforts to report program/teaching/research quality

  • Products from your educational/research efforts to report impact on individuals and communities

  • Performance of the instructor/researcher for personal and program/teaching/research quality

Potential impact questions
Potential Impact Questions

  • What new knowledge was discovered, developed, disseminated?

  • What did participants learn?

  • How have participant aspirations or motivations changed due to the program? (i.e. intent to change behavior)

  • What are participants doing differently as a result of the program?

  • How much have economic, environmental, or social conditions changed due to your efforts?

Potential scholarly products
Potential Scholarly Products

Peer products

  • Articles

  • Conferences

    • Posters

    • Presentations

    • Abstracts

    • proceedings

  • Grants/competitive contracts

  • Books/texts/chapters/monographs

Potential scholarly products1
Potential Scholarly Products

Applied products

  • Curricula/texts

  • Educational materials

  • Guides/handbooks

  • Policies

  • Research briefs

  • Social marketing/Apps

  • Training and technical assistance

Potential scholarly products2
Potential Scholarly Products

Community Products

  • Forums/workshops /seminars

  • Newsletters

  • Web sites

  • Presentations

  • Reports

  • Designs

  • Displays

  • Community attained grants/funding

  • Community awards

Methods of engaged scholarship
Methods of Engaged Scholarship

  • Off campus service learning

  • Internships/practicum/clinical

  • Coop positions with organizations/agencies/companies

  • Deliberation/public scholarship

  • Student led/assisted community seminars/forums/deliberation

  • Community study tour

  • Community projects

  • Community-based participatory action research

  • Participatory or empowermentevaluation

Collect and analyze data
Collect and Analyze Data

  • Case Study

  • Observation

  • Focus Group/Interview

  • Secondary Data

  • Survey/Questionnaire

Tell your story
Tell Your Story

  • Title

  • Relevance

  • Response

  • Results


Dossier review
Dossier Review

Glassick et al. (1997)

  • Clear goals

  • Adequate preparation

  • Appropriate methods

  • Significant results

  • Effective presentation

  • Reflective critique

Dossier review1
Dossier Review

ISU tenure guidelines

  • Documentation of candidate’s scholarship and position responsibilities

  • Definition of scholarship

  • Effectiveness in areas of responsibility

  • other

Dossier review2
Dossier Review

Diamond and Adam

  • High level of discipline-related experience

  • Break new ground/innovative

  • Can be replicated or elaborated

  • Can be documented

  • Can be peer reviewed

  • Significant impact

Dossier review and discussion
Dossier Review and Discussion

At your table:

  • What do you see as dossier review criteria at your institution?

  • What matters?

  • Other thoughts about dossier review?

Dossier review3
Dossier Review

Ultimately, RPT decisions rest on values and judgments, not on measurement or clear expectations.


New Directions for Institutional Research (2002, #114, pg. 97)

Context is everything
Context is Everything

  • Virginia Tech Focus Groups

    • At your table review the article on engagement at Virginia Tech

      • What does this context value for tenure and promotion?

      • What are the challenges for engaged faculty to gain support?

      • What supports are in place for engaged scholarship?

      • Other observations

Context is everything1
Context is Everything

  • How does your institution’s mission align with your work?

  • How do your institution’s measures of assessment fit with your work?

  • How does your institution’s strategic plan mesh with your work?

  • What is your academic appointment?

  • What is your contribution to your discipline, department, college, institution?

P t dossier best practices
P&T Dossier Best Practices

At your table:

Record the engagement P&T best practices you’ve gleaned from today’s discussions and materials.

Share them with the group

Strengthening the engagement dossier tips and practices
Strengthening the Engagement Dossier Tips and Practices

  • Start early – engagement takes time

  • Documentation is an ongoing process

  • Write for an academic audience

  • Focus on faculty work, not on the project

  • Find a balance between process and impact/products

  • Be clear about the intellectual question or working hypothesis behind the work

  • Tell the significance of the impact and how it is determined or evaluated

Strengthening the engagement dossier tips and practices cont
Strengthening the Engagement Dossier Tips and Practices (cont.)

  • Align engagement with discipline, department, campus, and national priorities

  • Share only the information that illustrates context or scholarship

  • Link current and past work with future work

  • Select mentors and learn the criteria used for your review

  • Know the expected format for the dossier

  • Get to know your dossier reviewers and their expectations

Strengthening the engagement dossier tips and practices cont1
Strengthening the Engagement Dossier Tips and Practices (cont.)

  • Create a documentation file system

  • Develop a disciplinary, department, and eventually national niche

  • Publish and present early and often

  • Select service roles carefully and turn them into scholarship

  • Make activities that matter a high priority (i.e. writing)

  • Demonstrate value in all you do

Strengthening the engagement dossier tips and practices cont2
Strengthening the Engagement Dossier Tips and Practices (cont.)

  • Focus

  • Be new, the first, or better than others

  • Be aware of what influences faculty scholarly work and manage it (i.e. assignment, rewards, time, resources, personal priorities, performance review, P&T documents, culture)

  • Engage many peer reviewers as you go

  • Find ways to bridge the gaps between tenure expectations and the actual day to day work of faculty

  • Reach more than one goal with each activity/project and get maximum products out of each effort

Keep the discussion going
Keep the Discussion Going (cont.)

  • Use each other as resources on the tenure trail

  • Attend NOSC

  • Celebrate success

  • Keep in touch