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Lucille Ball. Http:// Http:// Http:// By: Erica Freebury Period 1 MMM. Early Years. Lucille Ball was born on August 6, 1911.

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Lucille ball

Lucille Ball




By: Erica Freebury Period 1 MMM

Lucille ball

Early Years

  • Lucille Ball was born on August 6, 1911.

  • At Fifteen, her mother put her in a dramatic school. That same day, they sent her home saying she had no talent.

  • She still wanted to become a movie star so she went to New York and became a model.

  • Her next stop after being a showgirl and a model, she moved to Hollywood.

  • There, she made her first appearance in Eddie Cantor’s musical, “Roman Scandal’s”.

Lucille ball

Important Facts

Lucille Ball was the first person to have a real live baby on television.

After Lucy and Desi married, they bought a ranch in California called Chatsworth and renamed it Desilu ranch.

Lucy changed her name to Diane Belmont while Modeling.

The Ricardos were almost going to be called the Lopezes, Larry and Lucy Lopez!

Lucy's first movie apperance was in Roman Scandals starring Eddie Cantor, her last movie was Stone Pillow.

Lucille ball

Her Career...

Lucille began her career when she was a model as the Chesterfield Cigarette poster girl. Later, she became an Earl Carroll showgirl. Being a model led her to the selection of being a Goldwyn Girl next. After being a Goldwyn Girl, Lucille made an appearance in Eddie Cantor’s musical “Roman Scandals”, then smaller films like “Follow The Fleet”. Over time, she was rolled in to larger parts in plays like, “Room Service” and “Stage Door”. She did more and more movies and then in 1940 Lucille was cast as Connie Casey in a musical called “Too Many Girls” where she met Desi. In 1948, Lucille began doing a radio show sponsored by CBS called, “My Favorite Husband”. Lucy and Desi set up a vaudeville tour and took it across the country, and the audiences loved them. CBS agreed to let Desi play her husband, Phillip Morris became a sponsor, and the the “I Love Lucy” show was born.

Her Career

Lucille ball


1. When the Ricardos and Mertzes were stranded in a cabin in the Swiss Alps, what did Lucy have in her knapsack that everyone wanted?

2. What is the name of Ricky’s nightclub where he works?

3. What is the name of the famous building in New York City were Lucy and Ethel were on when they dressed up like marshens?

4. What contest did Lucy win in order to redecorate her apartment?

5. What is the alcohol content of Vitameatavegamin?

6. In what Italian city did Lucy visit and work in a vineyard?

7. "Hi, I'm your Vitameatavegamin Girl" was the opening line of this commercial that Lucy did. What product of that time was being copied?

8. When Lucy was working at the chocolate factory, her boss thought she was not really working. What did her boss say to them?

Lucille ball


1. She had a sandwich

2. The Tropicana

3. The Empire State Building

4. The Home Show

5. 11% Alcohol

6. Turo, Italy

7. Geritol

8. "Speed it up!! Let 'er roll!!"

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