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Author’s Purpose

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Author’s Purpose - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Author’s Purpose
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  1. Author’sPurpose Why does an author write a story?

  2. There aremany reasonsan author decides to write a story.

  3. Sometimes an author likes to tell a funny story. That means it was written to entertain people.

  4. Can you think of a story that made you laugh? That story was written to entertain you.

  5. Sometimes an author wants to inform you about something.

  6. To inform you means totell you information.

  7. The author might teach you a lesson or tell you how to make something. That means the author is informing you.

  8. Sometimes an author wants to persuade you. That means the author is trying to convince you to feel the same way as the author.

  9. TEACHERSwritten by Agatha Lee Teachers are the best people in the world. They help everyone learn. You wouldn’t be able to read without the help of a teacher. Everyone should grow up and become a teacher. Teachers are AWESOME.

  10. Why did Agatha write that story about TEACHERS? She wanted to persuade you. She wanted you to believe that teachers are the best. Were you convinced? Did she do a good job of persuading you ?

  11. Let’s review…. There are threemain reasons why authors write stories.

  12. Authors want to…entertain you.ORinform you.ORpersuade you.