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Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic in Hyderabad PowerPoint Presentation
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Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic in Hyderabad

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic in Hyderabad

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Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic in Hyderabad

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  1. Ambrosia Clinic Click Here Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic in Hyderabad +91 90149 01020

  2. ABOUT US • Ambrosia Clinic offers best skin care which help to maintain beautiful skin and hair at all ages . Or treatments are unique ,in being time bound and result oriented. Our philosophy is to develop healthy skin that resists skin problems and ageing so you can look your best forever. • Ambrosia Acne Treatment • Ambrosia Anti-Aging Program • Scar treatment • Regenera Lift • Botox

  3. About Priti Shukla Dr. Priti Shukla is a well known cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad. She has been practicing cosmetic and plastic surgery since 2001 in Hyderabad, (India). She is Board certified in plastic and cosmetic surgery and is one of the best plastic surgeons in Hyderabad with a special interest in cosmetic surgery. Dr Priti recommends any plastic surgery treatment only after a thorough examination of the patient’s medical history and requirement. Her detailed analysis and understanding of each patient has fetched her the title of the best cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad. For More Info About Our Clinic Click Here

  4. Face Surgery Rhinoplasty Ear Surgery Facelift Surgery Scar Revision Surgery Chin Implant Chin augmentation can be a surgical procedure or a nonsurgical procedure. Chin augmentation strengthens the appearance of a receding chin by increasing. Beautiful ears are symmetrical and not protruding. Most common aesthetic problems of the ear are ears that are extremely prominent. Bat ears are too prominent. Face sags due to the effect of gravity, ageing, loss of volume and loss of skin elasticity. Facelift Surgery (Rhytidectomy surgery) can lift up the sagging face. Scars and moles can be removed with surgery. In scar surgery, more importantly than any other surgery individuals skin type and healing capacity play. Rhinoplasty surgery can address most of the small or big defects of the nose. If there is a problem of nose blockage, septoplasty and turbinate surgery can be done at the time of rhinoplasty to relieve the obstruction.

  5. Breast Surgery Breast Implant Breast Reduction The Breast Implants India is surgically placed in a pocket located inside the breast, either behind the breast tissue or the breast muscle (pectoral muscle). Well-developed breasts enhance women’s beauty. But the same breasts sometimes grow disproportionately large and become a reason for chronic pain and embarrassment. Male Breast Reduction Breast Lift You may be a good candidate for breast lift surgery if your breasts are sagging but of adequate size. Your breasts lack firmness. Nipples and areolas that point downward. “Gynaecomastia” is a Greek word meaning “women-like breasts.” It is a common condition affecting 60-70 percent of males sometime during teenage years.

  6. Body Surgery Liposuction: Liposuction in India is a popular surgical procedure for removing fat from particular areas of the body. If you are considering liposuction surgeryits very important for you to know if you will be suitably benefitted by this surgery.  Abdominoplasty: The abdomen is universally the most common part to go out of shape with weight gain or pregnancy. This happens due to the accumulation of fat under the skin, excess loose skin and or loss of tone of the abdominal muscles. Brazilian Butt Lift: Ambrosia Clinic offers variety of enhance buttocks surgery options to make you appear the best version of yourself. Mommy Makeover: Female body shape changes after childbirth. Following changes happen in most Women with more or less severity. Glam mom shows no wear and tear that happens to the female body due to motherhood. FemaleGenital Aesthetic Surgery:Female genitals can be beautified or rejuvenated by a variety of surgical and nonsurgical procedures. These surgeries are performed at any age after 18 years of age.

  7. Non Surgical Treatment Beauty UnderEye Contouring Lip Enhancement Non Surgical Nose Job Prettification Jawline Definition


  9. Skin Care PEELS Acne Treatment KELOID

  10. Hair Care PRP TREATMENT PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Injection– Human blood has RBC (red blood cells) WBC (white blood cells) and platelets. Platelets contain special growth factors called Platelet Derived Growth Factors. These growth factors are known to stimulate stem cells found in skin and bone. PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Injection is a process to deliver these growth factors into the skin and hair for achieving certain goals. PRP injection is also used to improve bone healing by orthopaedics and dentists.

  11. Ear Correction Beautiful ears are symmetrical and not protruding. Most common aesthetic problems of the ear are ears that are extremely prominent. Bat ears are too important. This is often treated in childhood, but also later in some cases. Large ear holes occur at the lower soft part of the ear can be too large or may get large because of ageing. For More Info Click Here

  12. Contact Us +91 90149 01020 MLA Colony, Indian Overseas Bank Building, 3rd Floor, Rd Number 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034

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