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The Rules of The Tech Lab

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The Rules of The Tech Lab. Food and Drink. School Policy this year: Students can have water, but only from enclosed containers . Don’t like it? Talk to the boss, I am just following rules. Something that really irritates me….

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food and drink
Food and Drink
  • School Policy this year: Students can have water, but only from enclosed containers.
  • Don’t like it? Talk to the boss, I am just following rules.
something that really irritates me
Something that really irritates me…
  • If someone eats in the room and then throws the wrappers on the floor, behind their computer, under their chair.
  • See: Random explosions.
  • Machines that create music are allowed in the Tech Lab, but only when WORKING on a project.
  • DO NOT listen to music while Mr. B. is lecturing.
  • Special words about Music in the Tech Lab.
  • PLEASE DO NOT play streaming music from your computer!
  • Please don’t in class.
  • If I catch you, I will take your phone and give it to Mr. Burmeister.
  • In addition, I may take away your music privileges.
  • See: Random Explosions.
hats and other headcoverings
Hats and other headcoverings.
  • School policy forbids the wearing of a hat on campus this year.
  • If a student has a hat on in the classroom, it will be confiscated.
  • Do it twice and the world may end.
what about day planners
What About Day Planners?
  • Day Planners are again a BIG THING this year. Teachers are expected to use them in EVERY class.
  • I will be checking for them on a random basis and giving you points if you have it.
  • Don’t like it, talk to the boss!
it s freezing in here
  • Yeah, I know, get used to it.
  • Try wearing a sweater…
starting the class
Starting the Class
  • At the start of most class periods, I will have a slide up with my instructions for getting started for the day. This will usually have a time limit and will likely involve your Day Planner.
  • If the class takes longer to get prepared than the time limit, I may keep everyone after class to compensate.
late work
Late Work
  • Work turned in late or missed because of an unexcused absence will receive a score of 0.
  • If you need help or more time on an assignment, SEE ME before it is due!
turning in assignments
Turning in Assignments
  • All Work will be submitted via the Network DROPBOX Folder
  • Improperly copied or misnamed files will not receive any credit.
what should i call my files
What should I call my files?
  • Files are always called the same thing:


do i going to grade everything
Do I going to grade everything?
  • No! Not necessarily.
  • On writing assignments and other small projects, I will select random assignments to grade once in a while.
are there tests
Are there tests?
  • There are comprehensive finals in all classes at the end of at the end of each semester.
  • Other than that, I tend to require more projects than tests.
how does mr b teach
How does Mr. B. teach?
  • I don’t. I do not lecture AT ALL in the Technology Lab (except in Government!)
  • Years of experience has taught me that this is the right thing to do.
escaping the tech lab
Escaping the Tech Lab
  • There will be no Passes given to any students during the first 60 minutes of the class.
  • After the first 60 minutes of class, students can ask to use a hall pass. IF THEY HAVE THEIR PLANNER!
  • If you haven’t asked before, I will probably let you go.
  • If you have, I probably won’t.
annoying thing number one
Annoying thing number one
  • Talk when Mr. B. is talking, especially if he is giving a lecture.
  • This will quickly lead to Random Explosions.
annoying thing number two
Annoying Thing Number Two
  • Throwing out some lousy work in 3 minutes then saying….
  • “I’m done! I’m done! I’m done!” and thinking you can goof off the rest of the week.
really bad thing 1
  • Accessing inappropriate material on the Internet is forbidden. This includes:
    • Any images of clothing (or lack thereof) that violate the school dress code.
    • Any sites related to violence, guns, alcohol or drugs, unless specifically connected to a school assignment.
really bad thing 2
  • Using the computer to intimidate or harass others.
  • This can include use of your personal computer at home.
really bad thing 3
  • Damaging or vandalizing any of the school’s computers or technological equipment.
doing a really bad thing


Expect some discipline…

step one
Step ONE
  • The Corner Computer.
step two
Step TWO
  • You get to go sit in the hallway
step three
  • Long, boring writing assignments that must be completed instead of the regular class assignments.
step four
  • Meeting with your parents, Mr. Yaussi, etc…
all along the way
All Along the Way…
  • Infinite Campus now has a Discipline Tab, that your parents can see…
using the tech lab
Using The Tech Lab
  • No students will be allowed to access The Tech Lab before school, I am not a morning person.
  • Tech Lab can be accessed during Mr. B’s planning periods with permission.
  • The Tech Lab will be available after school for Open Computer Use.
logging onto the school s network
Logging onto the School’s Network
  • Username=


  • Password=


MM/DD/YYYY (date must be two numbers)

  • Temporary login for new students=

User= techlab,

Pwd= huskies

now that you have logged in
Now that you have logged in….
  • Go find the class website:

  • All class assignments will be listed each day on the class website.