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FASHION FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. GREECE. GIRLS. Every girl has her own personality and uses to wear her own style of clothing which reflects her character.

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  • Every girl has her own personality and uses to wear her own style of clothing which reflects her character.
  • Some girls prefer to wear comfortable clothes and shoes without caring about fashion so much. They are very casual and they usually wear trainers and generally sport clothing or they like wearing T-Shirts and jeans.

The majority of teenage girls use to wear all star shoes or ballerina shoes with fashionable and modern T-Shirts and their jeans or a cute skirt or they just wear a romantic dress instead.

  • Of course there are also the girls who care about their appearance very much and they like always wearing the last trends of fashion and very extravagant clothes.

The truth is that there is a big difference between the appearance of girls at school with this when they are outside. There, they put some make up, they make nice hairstyles and sometimes they wear high heels too.

  • Teenage boys have a specific type of clothing. They are not like girls and most of them do not care about fashion so much. But there are some exceptions too.
  • Boys use to wear sport clothes and trainers at school. When they are out with friends they wear almost the same outfit but instead of a T-Shirt and a jacket they wear sometimes a shirt.
the trend of the emo gothic punk clothing
  • As everybody knows the last years there is a teenage trend which tells that teenagers should wear black and wild clothes and they are full of piercings.This has become a big fashion for young people everywhere and also in our country. It is supposed that with this type of clothing teenagers express their emotions and feelings, without saying something, just with showing it.

To conclude young people in my country have almost the same fashion trends and ideas with teenagers in other countries, especially with the European ones.