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How to Design a Better Kitchen Layout PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Design a Better Kitchen Layout

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How to Design a Better Kitchen Layout - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Design a Better Kitchen Layout

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  1. How to Design a Better Kitchen Layout

  2. Designing A New and Better Kitchen • When designing a new and better kitchen than you’ve had before, the first thing you need to plan is the layout. • Regardless how huge the space is, if you had not paid attention to the high traffic areas, chances are you will waste time and effort moving around. • Every home and every space will require a different kitchen layout. Regardless, you need to make sure that everything the cook will need is kept within close range.

  3. Let’s talk about a few tips how you plan a better kitchen design:

  4. Think How You Would Want to Use the Kitchen • If you are like most homeowners who tend to multitask in the kitchen - cook, entertain guests, help kids with their homework - then you need to ensure that the space allows you flexibility. • You might want to consider making your kitchen island wider to accommodate all these activities. • You probably could as well use a bookshelf and outlets for charging devices under the kitchen island.

  5. Keep Guests and Little Kids Away from the Work Station • As the cook, you’d want the work station all to yourself. If you love cooking with a partner, you might want to ensure that the space is wider too. • As for the kids who love running back and forth around the kitchen, make sure areas they frequent are kept away from the busy areas. • Provide them a snack bar or keep the refrigerator easily accessible and far from the work area. Think about the hob placement to reduce tendencies of anyone pushing pots and pans, and causing spills or burns.

  6. Keep Related Tools and Tasks Close Together • Get rid of the unnecessary steps when working in the kitchen. Consider keeping the dishwasher close to where you’re keeping all utensils so you would not have a hard time unloading. • Make sure too that the bin is close to the dishwasher and the work zone. If you would like to socialize with guests while you are cooking then it makes sense to position the hob on the kitchen island. • If you’re the type who loves streaming recipes while cooking, then you might want to leave a wider space by your station and keep and an outlet close to you.

  7. Planning a Better Kitchen Design • Planning a better kitchen design doesn’t have to mean requiring a larger space. You only need to consider your preferences and your usual work routine. • Kitchens have gone on to become one of the busiest areas at home. • You’d want to ensure that the layout helps you work more effectively. Everything you need should fit perfectly.

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