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Health Benefits of Eating Outdoors PowerPoint Presentation
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Health Benefits of Eating Outdoors

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Health Benefits of Eating Outdoors
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Health Benefits of Eating Outdoors

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  1. Health Benefits of Eating Outdoors

  2. Eat Outdoors • When the weather keeps us from enjoying the outdoors, we can’t help but imagine when the sky is clear and the sun is out. • We look forward to that day when we can go out again. And true enough, we make it a point to explore or at least eat outdoors once the weather has gone better. • It feels good sipping your cup of tea or coffee with a great natural backdrop. It could be the fresh smell of the trees or the humming of the birds, either way, it’s always a good idea to dine out alone or with your loved ones.

  3. In case you’re wondering whether there are health benefits to eating outdoors, yes there is. Here are some of them:

  4. Boosts Concentration • Having difficulties concentrating at work or at anything you do? Before you seek out help from medications, try dining al fresco first. Enjoying your meal outside may help improve your focus. • There’s no scientific evidence to back this up, especially for adults, but studies shows it works for kids with ADHD. It would cost no harm to try it out, right? • The next time you’re taking your break, find a restaurant that comes with a relaxing outdoor setting and enjoy your meal there. Who knows, you may come back at your desk feeling more energized to take on your tasks.

  5. Makes You Happier • Does the sun make you happy? If you just answered yes, then you should dine outdoors more often. You need not spend high on your meal. • Just enjoy your time and make the most of the opportunity to slow down. Exposure to sunlight can help lift your mood so if you’re not feeling well, skip the office pantry and head out instead. • It also helps if you can explore the great outdoors when you can. If your office desk enjoys no view of the outdoors, you’ll need this all the more. Take comfort in the fact that you’re free to spend your lunch anywhere you want. Spend it outside!

  6. Gives You Vitamin D • The best source of Vitamin D is the sun. Vitamin D helps with your immune system. Plus, it’s also good for the heart. So apart from the nutrients that your body is getting from your food, you also enjoy Vitamin D coming from the sun when you’re eating outdoors. Now that’s one great meal. • Just make sure you’re munching on something healthy. Consider, for example, tea gardens that serve vegetarian options or can prepare something to suit your specific dietary requirements. Consider every meal time as a chance to unwind a little.

  7. Check these Out! • Treat yourself and your loved ones. Go dine outdoors! • Check Out These Health Benefits of Eating Outdoors. Brought to you by Arkarra Tea. • For more info on arkarratea gardens, check out: for details.