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Utility Management Services

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Utility Management Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Total Utility Management Services, LLC. Utility Management Services. Utility Management Presentation. Utility Management Outsourcing Total Utility’s Management Services Benefits of using Total Utility’s Management Services. AGENDA. Utility Management Outsourcing. Utility Cost Control

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utility management services

Total Utility Management Services, LLC

Utility Management Services


Utility Management Presentation

  • Utility Management Outsourcing
  • Total Utility’s Management Services
  • Benefits of using Total Utility’s Management Services



Utility Management Outsourcing

  • Utility Cost Control
    • Reductions in:
      • Overhead and Administration
        • Internal Cost of In-House Utility Dept. & Expertise
      • Commodity Price
        • Competitive RFP process where competitive utility sources are available
      • Transportation & Distribution Costs
        • Negotiate best rates possible depending on alternate sources & competition rates
      • Utility Usage
        • Demand side management programs
  • Allows Client to Focus on Core Competencies
  • Risk/Price Management
    • Development of Corporate Pricing Objectives
    • Implement proven risk management programs

Total Utility’s Management Services

  • Opportunities for Innovation
    • Utility Asset Optimization
      • Aggregate client’s utility assets in this process
    • Full-Time Utility Management Professionals
  • Portfolio Approach for level of services
    • You select the level of service you need
      • Choose the Utility: Gas, Alternate Fuels, Electricity, Water, Sewer, Waste
      • Full Account Services
        • Competitive sourcing where available
        • Nominations and Balancing
        • Accounting, AP, and Reporting
      • Competitive Supply Sourcing (where available) Only
      • Nominating and Balancing
      • Customized Invoice Management, Reporting and Payment Services
      • Website for data archive

Total Utility’s Management Services

  • Competitive Utility Sourcing
    • Maintain list of reliable and financially sound suppliers
    • Work with facilities/corporate to establish a purchasing strategy
    • Administer RFP process
    • On-going contract administration
  • Daily Nomination and Balancing Services
    • Computerized meter reading Services (electric)
    • Nominations (gas) / Scheduling (electric)
    • Identify savings opportunities for both supply and transportation
    • Balancing support
    • Manage potential curtailment situations and arrange alternate supplies

Total Utility’s Management Services

  • Customized Invoice Management, Reporting, and AP Services
    • Maintain database of Utility contracts, usage, expense, and forecasts
    • Provide monthly utility expense estimates and forward forecasts based on historical/ forecasted usage
    • Full Accounts Payable functionality
      • Invoice payment services
      • Provide invoice dispute resolution
      • Development of customized solutions for your AP department
    • Provide accounting and management reports
    • All accounting and AP functions and reporting are audit ready at all times

Total Utility’s Management Services

  • Interactive Website for Data Archiving
    • Electronic archiving of reports on utility usage expense, forecasts, utility contracts, invoices, and other customized reports
    • Portal with customizable features for each customer user.
      • Filter and Sort function for reports by facility, division, etc
      • User may choose own links, weather, and level of information reporting

Benefits to You

  • Total Utility is Completely Independent
    • We represent You, not the utility supplier
  • Experienced Utility Managers
    • Extensive knowledge of Utility industry, the players and the systems
    • Currently managing accounts throughout N. America including Canada and Mexico
      • International consulting available on a project by project basis

Implementation Plan

  • Enter into a Utility Management Agreement ListingFacilities Served
  • Choose level of services
  • Receive and Sort all Client Contracts and Data from each participating facility
  • Review and analyze current Utility usage and cost
  • Prioritize facilities for implementation
  • Conduct facility visits and meetings
  • Implement chosen utility management services

Total Utility



Contact Us

Total Utility Management Services, LLC

10497 Town & Country Way

Suite 224

Houston, TX 77024

Office: 713-333-TUMS (8867)

Fax: 713-333-8873

Brandon Hayes, President


Susan Hayes, Office Manager contracts and AP


Doug Melis, Director of Information Services


Kathy Melis, Chief Financial Officer


Kevin Brady, Account Director


Kathy Silkworth, Sr. Account Manager


Rick Swantner, Sr. Account Manager rswantner@tumsllc.com