investigating oil and gas
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Investigating Oil and Gas:

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Investigating Oil and Gas:. Environmental and Social Impact on Emerging oil countries. Origin of the oil crisis between the Nigerian government and the oil bearing communities. *Years of developmental Neglect

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investigating oil and gas

Investigating Oil and Gas:

Environmental and Social Impact on Emerging oil countries

origin of the oil crisis between the nigerian government and the oil bearing communities
Origin of the oil crisis between the Nigerian government and the oil bearing communities
  • *Years of developmental Neglect
  • *Failure of the oil-multis to develop from the onset a community/people oriented development strategy
  • *Mis-conception about ownership rights rooted in the Nigerian constitution fuziness
  • *Failure of successive governements to design a workable blueprint for the oil region
  • *Lack of Political Will on the part of government to reign in the oil companies
oil community activism the ogonis
Oil Community Activism:The Ogonis
  • Ken SaroWiwa (perhaps after AdakBoro) led the next agitative phase of demands on the Nigerian state
  • Ken SaroWiwa formed the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People, MOSOP
  • He cobbled together the brilliant Ogoni bill of rights which set out in clear terms the background to their agitation and their demands
  • Ken through MOSOP put the plight of the Ogoni people and that of the oil communities on the national and international agenda
  • MOSOP demanded for a dialogue with the Nigerian state and the oil companies. Instead it got guns and the hangman
the politics of oil
The Politics of Oil

-lack of a well conceived developmental intervention plans

.Elected Officials-used militants as political thugs, provided them with funds to procure ammunitions, corruption cover up, bunkering, feeding the beast

.Militants-Over 207 militia groups. Most of them shadow groups with a different agenda.

-modus operandi –hostage taking, bunkering, attacks, pipeline vandalisation often undermine the larger goal

MEND-Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta seems the most authentic but leadership structure is fuzzy.

.NNPC-Nigerian government oil company confessed to payoffs to militants over the years in a way undermining the process.

demand of the oil bearing communities
Demand of the oil bearing communities
  • Restitution-repair the devastated lands,compensate farmers and families affected by oil drilling/spillages
  • Despoilation;;agree to the environmental impact of oil exploration such as environmental pollution, water/fisheries pollution, health hazards and roll out plans for compensation and land reclaimation
  • Employment-increase number of indigenes of oil employed by oil coys both in skilled and unskilled position.
  • A blue print/master plan to accelerate the development of vital infrastructure in the region
  • Revenue-an increase in the revenue allocation from the center from 13% to 25%
  • .Enforcement-demand that the government enforce the law and investigate abuses on the part of oil foreign oil coys
important sources

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