westcan s igns and lighting n.
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Westcan S igns and Lighting

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Westcan S igns and Lighting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Westcan S igns and Lighting. Eric Thomasen. Index. In The B eginning Spreading T he Word Treat ‘ E m L ike G old Anything Goes Quick Decisions Online Presence One Stop Shop Going Green Product Price Marketing Communications Distribution What It All Comes Down To Thanks To….

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Presentation Transcript
  • In The Beginning
  • Spreading The Word
  • Treat ‘EmLike Gold
  • Anything Goes
  • Quick Decisions
  • Online Presence
  • One Stop Shop
  • Going Green
  • Product
  • Price
  • Marketing Communications
  • Distribution
  • What It All Comes Down To
  • Thanks To…
westcan lighting and signs
  • This is a business owned by my dad
  • Started in 2009
  • Since then has created a monopoly in the western field
  • Customers are extremely happy and appreciative of the outstanding service.
in the beginning
In the beginning
  • 2 vans with bucket lifts left for Edmonton
  • Started by driving around at night and looking at signs that either needed repair or replacement, taking a photo of the sign, writing up a free estimate for service and calling the sign owner the next day with an estimate and the willingness to repair it for much less than the competition.
spreading the word
Spreading the Word
  • Eventually Westcan’s outstanding service and prices confirmed contracts with major national companies for western Canada. (Starbucks Coffee Canada, McDonald’s Canada, Tim Horton’s, Wendy’s Canada, Future Shop, Shell Canada and more.)
  • Word of their “family like business” spread and got the attention of most major business’
spreading the word1
Spreading the Word
  • Unconventional advertising is one of the key aspects in their success
  • By providing free estimates and arriving willing to do any little task the customer needed completed, Westcan kept a group of loyal customers. For example: if they are there to complete an install, and the customer has a problem with their plumbing, Westcan employees will do what ever they can to fix it.
treat em like gold
Treat ‘em like Gold
  • Taking good care of your employees makes them work harder and remain loyal
  • Westcan provides the latest technology to all employees (iPhones, iPads, etc.)
  • Above average pay keeps employees happy and loyal
anything goes
Anything Goes
  • Flexibility towards both employees and customers provides satisfaction with customers.
  • Word of mouth and buzz creates a large presence in Canada.
quick decisions
Quick Decisions
  • Customers appreciate speedy service.
  • Where most businesses would spend time and money analyzing decisions, Westcan prides themselves on using experience and knowledge to act quickly.
online presence
Online Presence
  • Wescan constantly keeps contact with customers through FaceBook, Twitter, Linkdin and a user friendly website.
one stop shop
One Stop Shop
  • There are many different parts to the lighting and sign industry. Westcan covers all areas of production, distribution as well as service.
  • By doing this they have quickly expanded to the largest company of their kind in Western Canada
going green
Going Green
  • Westcan is socially responsible.
  • They install low energy L.E.D. bulbs
  • They recycle all used electronics
p roduct
  • Westcan provides a very friendly service.
  • Everyone has lights, most businesses have signs. Westcan is there to service , install and repair them.
  • Westcan and its sister company Chris’ signs have received many awards for best new business and best boss. Chris was even on a top 40 under 40 list.
p rice
  • Most western companies can over charge for their business, but Westcan makes sure to provide the lowest prices for the best work.
  • Loyal customers are the best customers.
marketing communications
Marketing Communications
  • Westcan uses the buzz factor to communicate their services.
  • They have a strong online presence
d istribution
  • All through western Canada, Westcan’s products are distributed personally by either a service rep or a sales rep.
what it all comes down too
What It All Comes Down Too
  • Westcan is successful because of the constant satisfaction of customers because of good service and happy employees.
thanks to
Thanks to…
  • John Thomasen
  • www.westcan.com