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Virksomhetsområde – Alternative materialer

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Virksomhetsområde – Alternative materialer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Comparison of CEN and Nordic aggregate requirements. Gunnar Bjarnason and Petur Petursson, ICELAND. Introduction

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Comparison of CEN and Nordic aggregate requirements

Gunnar Bjarnason and Petur Petursson, ICELAND


On the 1st of June 2004 all test standards and product standards published by CEN/TC 154 superseded national standards as a package of European standards and are therefore to be implemented by EU and EFTA countries, including all the Nordic countries.

The NVF-34 committee has gathered information on the existing requirements in the Nordic countries and compared them with the requirement categories in the following European product standards.

EN 13285 (TC 227) Unbound mixtures – Specification EN 13242 (TC 154) Aggregates for unbound and hydraulic bound mat. for use in civil eng. work and road construction EN 13043 (TC 154) Aggregates for bit. mix. and surf. treatments for roads and other trafficked areas

The information presented here is based on questionnaires, which were sent out and gathered in the years 2002-3. It is likely that some of the Nordic requirements have changed in the period of time elapsed.

CEN Categories and Requirements for Nordic Abrasion Value ( AN)

EN 13043 categories

AN7 AN10 AN14 AN19 AN30 ANDeclared ANNR

Nordic requirements for NAV

Asphalt concrete Surface dressing

Denmark:NR NRFinland*:10-19 % 10-19 %

Iceland*:7-19 % 10-19 %

Norway**:7-14 % 7-14 %

Sweden**:6-14 % 6-16 %

* Depends on traffic density and speed

** Depends on traffic density

The European Standards will remove barriers to trade within the European Economic Area. All the Nordic countries have agreed to adopt the CEN Standards for aggregates

CEN Categories and Requirements for Resistance to Fragmentation (Los Angeles test, LA)EN 13242 CategoriesLA20 LA25 LA30 LA35 LA40 LA50 LA60 LADecl LANRNordic requirements for base course aggregate (LA) Denmark:No requirement

Finland:≤ 30Iceland*:≤ 20 – 40%

Norway:≤ 35Sweden**:No requirement

* Depends on road type and petrography

** Use Nordic Abrasion Value for strength evaluation

CEN Categories and Requirements for Fines Content (Upper fines=UF and Lower fines=LF)

EN 13285 categories, fines that pass the 0,063 mm sieveUpper fines:UF3 UF5 UF 7 UF9 UF12 UF15 UFN

Lower fines:LF2 LF4 LF8 LFN

Nordic requirements for base course aggregates

Fines, max/min % Crushed gravel Crushed rock

Denmark: 9/4*** Finland: 5/0 (8/0)** 5/0 (8/0)

Iceland: 5/2 (5/1*) 5/2Norway:8/28/0Sweden: 7/2 6/0* Existing guidelines

** Inner and outer grading area

*** Sieved on the 0,075 mm sieve

Implementation of CEN standards

National Guidance Documents (NGD) will be or have been published in the Nordic countries. NGD describe test methods to be used on a national level and which national standards have been withdrawn. The document can give information on correlation between traditional test methods and CEN methods as well as minimum test frequencies. It can also inform about the attestation of conformity system (2+ or 4) chosen for each product standard and essential characteristics that have to be declared for CE-marking.

Nordic road guidelines are in the process of being adjusted to the CEN Product Standards. Requirements now have to be chosen from relevant CEN categories. However, requirements differ considerably in the Nordic countries both in current guidelines and in drafts of new road guidelines.

The European Standards in the field of aggregate production will harmonize specifications throughout Europe and remove barriers to trade, which is the most important purpose of the Standardization. In the coming years the CEN standards will be due for a five year revision. It is very important for the Nordic countries to take active part in the revision work in order to influence necessary changes to the standards.

Nominal size of apertures and sieving method are standardized in EN 933-1 and EN 933-2

Virksomhetsområde – Alternative materialer

Sammenligning av CEN-standarder og standarder i Norden.

Gunnar Bjarnason, Vegagerdin, Reykjavik, Island og Petur Petursson, Byggeforskningsinstitutet, Ísland