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IT Employee Termination Policy PowerPoint Presentation
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IT Employee Termination Policy

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IT Employee Termination Policy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IT Employee Termination Policy. Policy and Guideline. MIS 5202 Group Project 1: IT Employee Termination Policy Michael Mai Oyinkan Adeleye Kalyani Harika David Siegelman. Policy Overview. What is an IT Employee Termination Policy?.

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IT Employee Termination Policy

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    1. IT Employee Termination Policy Policy and Guideline MIS 5202 Group Project 1: IT Employee Termination Policy Michael Mai OyinkanAdeleye Kalyani HarikaDavid Siegelman

    2. Policy Overview What is an IT Employee Termination Policy? • IT Employee Termination policy deals with managing employee’s system access and privileges after they are no longer with the organization. • It should clearly define steps of employee separation. • Adequate protection for organization’s computer assets and data

    3. Type/Reason of Termination Voluntary Termination Involuntary Termination Death Retirement Layoff Contract Position Abandonment

    4. IT Employee Termination Policy Step of Termination Policies Notification Permission and Access Terminations Return of Property Final Pay Routines Status of Benefits Exit Interview

    5. General Termination Policies • Notification • Employee should provide a two weeks notice of intent to leave employment • Revocation of Access • All access to the company’s information system and all proprietary information should be revoked and documented. • Access to the company’s facilities will be terminated through disabling the building entry code, entry swipe card or collecting the keys • Return of Company Property • Keys, IDs/Badges, Laptops, Cell Phones, PDAs, any other electronic items should be returned and documented • Data Retention Policy • All employee data regarding contributions, rewards and recognition, performance coaching, policy violations and disciplinary actions should be documented, preserved and retained for future reference. • Status of Benefits • Employees shall be notified of their rights to extend their health benefits under COBRA and their options for rollover of 401(K) plan.

    6. Employee Type Contractor • provides IT-related services for a client as an independent contractor. Privileged Access Employee • Employee that has access to organization’s account or business intelligence and access of approving financials. IT Personnel • IT Administrator, database Administrator, security specialist.