the secret life of piper bertovich n.
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The secret life of Piper Bertovich PowerPoint Presentation
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The secret life of Piper Bertovich

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The secret life of Piper Bertovich - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The secret life of Piper Bertovich

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  1. The secret life of Piper Bertovich • “Does it ever occur to you that I am sometimes thinking?” –Walter Mitty • “Lose your dreams and you may just lose your mind.” –Mick Jagger

  2. Fall out boy’s newest member It is not unusual that I find myself sitting in math class pretending to listen to whatever the teacher was saying. Today, however, was different… suddenly I’m standing next to Pete Wentz with a jet black microphone in my hand. He smiled at me and I look at the rest of the members who nodded in approval. I smiled nervously and Patrick Stump gives me a thumbs up. I started to sing one of their biggest hits ‘Thanks for the memories’ . It was the coolest thing that had ever happened to me! I finished singing and pete went to the microphone… “Hey, piper…do you have paper?” I glarred at my friend and gave them paper

  3. If I met Vlad I walked into Wal-Mart with my mom. She headed toward the food isle and I followed close behind…I smiled at Vlad and punched Henry in the shoulder “You’re a dork Henry.” He frowned and rubbed his shoulder. We were in a car with Otis on the way to Stokerton to finish off D’ablo and his vampire assassins. I ‘m nervous, Henry and I are the only humans that will be there, that means its life or death for us. To put it in simpler terms, we can’t miss. Otis stops the car and we all get out, D’ablo’s waiting with his twisted smile. I draw my stake from my holster and run at him… “Piper? You’re staring at the wall. Are you ok?” my mother asked me. I nodded and walked with her to the check out.

  4. Halloween As I walk up the hill that leads to my house I marvel at all the leaves on the ground… I’m walking with my cousins. It was cold out so my mother made me wear a sweater under my costume. I was not happy with her. However my anger quickly disappeared because I was having far too much fun to stay mad about something so trivial. It was getting late so we started to walk back to where my Mom was waiting. I smiled at her and showed off my candy bag… I tripped and fell onto the grass and got up quickly hoping no one saw me fall.

  5. The lone performer As I sit in the car I look out the window into the woods where brightly colored leaves reside. It’s Fall my favorite season…I finally arrive at an abandoned music hall. I hold my sheet music close as a winter breeze rushes passed. I check my pocket for the keys, they’re still there. I slip the keys into the lock and enter the building. I walk down the hall and onto the stage. I turn on the house lights and sit at the piano arranging my music. I let out a nervous sigh and start to play. Even though I was very nervous at first it quickly fades away and I become more confident as I play. At the end of the song I hit the last note, I was sad that it ended. I was very surprised to hear someone clapping, I looked out into the empty seats to try to see if someone was there… “Piper, get out of the car or I’’ll lock you in.” my mother laughs. I sigh and get out of the car wondering who was clapping.

  6. Bitter-sweet It was a normal day in my life, one minute I was at home asleep then the next I was being dragged around the mall by my friends. “Come on move it!” they laugh, I roll my eyes and walk behind them. I look into all the stores like always but today sweets from heaven caught my eye…”Single file! Single file! The chocolatier shouts, we started on our tour of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory! I didn’t know how or why I was there but I honestly didn’t care. It looked just like the one from ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’! We walked and saw so many things that other people could only dream of seeing, it was amazing! Finally we come to the Chocolate water fall, I started walking toward it…”OW!” I walked straight into a wall , all of my friends started to laugh.