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5 de clutter hacks while on holiday n.
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5 De-Clutter Hacks While On Holiday PowerPoint Presentation
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5 De-Clutter Hacks While On Holiday

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5 De-Clutter Hacks While On Holiday
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5 De-Clutter Hacks While On Holiday

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  1. 5 de-clutter hacks while on Holiday

  2. Try every trick in the book Losing yourself in a great story is a terrific stress-reducer. Reading also strengthens concentration and improves productivity; in a world of short attention spans and the glorification of multi-tasking, there’s no better free ‘mental exercise’ than reading.

  3. Swim with the tide We spend all week swimming against the current: catching deadlines, juggling meetings, handling difficult people. Swimming is to your body what reading is to your mind: a way of shutting out the noise and tapping into your inner ‘flow.

  4. ‘Thoreau’ it out in the woods The writer Henry Thoreau was a big fan of getting his feet muddy; all of nature was a tonic for him. An 1895 journal entry reads: ‘What we call wildness is a civilization other than our own.’ The wild can be a great thought clarifier, energy giver, and healer.

  5. Don’t get rubbed the wrong way The best massages are done by professionals and involve deep tissue and muscle manipulation with special oils and treatments. You’ll feel wonderfully rejuvenated in the end. A hot shower afterward seals the deal.

  6. Rediscover the power of conversation Phones and apps mustn’t become substitutes for thought. Need to remember the name of a movie? Don’t Google it. Jog your memory. Try replacing the scattershot, intrusive iconography of WhatsApp and Facebook with the windmills of the mind.

  7. A lot of people have told me Amanvanais a good place to exercise these de-clutter hacks. I am grateful to hear it. The resort was indeed conceived as a place to discover quiet magic. The very name ‘Amanvana’ means tranquil forest. Now do you have a mental de-cluttering hack for holidays that’s not on this list? Do share. I’d love to try it out!