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Interactive Touchscreen App Assignment

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Interactive Touchscreen App Assignment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interactive Touchscreen App Assignment. Quiksilver Entertainment Center. Note. The design for both pages used in this application was done through Photoshop with all the layers used, imported on a flash working file.

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interactive touchscreen app assignment

Interactive Touchscreen App Assignment

Quiksilver Entertainment Center

  • The design for both pages used in this application was done through Photoshop with all the layers used, imported on a flash working file.
  • The structure fla file is basically an Actionscript 3 exercise I did from the missing Manuel which basically consists of the method I used to structure the scripts on the assignment for the frames and the scenes.
  • The Image source file contains all the images used for the design of this application.
  • Introduction
  • Concept
  • Target Audience
  • Design
  • References

Quicksilver is well known as being one of the first brands that was spawned from the surfer culture in the 60’s and is currently one of the leading manufacturers of surfer gear such as surfboards, surf wear and accessories for surfers. Originally from Australia the brand has grown worldwide with 834 established stores in 8 different continents around the world.

With the rapid advancement of technology it has become easier for major brands like Quiksilver to communicate with their respective followers making use of various alternative media tools such as, websites, social networks, instant messaging, mobile application. A brand such as Quicksilver can promote its brand’s characteristics by utilizing the digital platform to communicate with the new generation of surfers, snowboarders, skaters etc. In this new digital age consumers can now follow their favorite brands, not only through websites but also more interactive applications that increase the entertainment value for consumers to communicate with their favorite brands.

This assessment basically shows how interactive applications can boost product sales through adding entertainment value by creating fun activities for consumers whilst navigating their favorite brands’ digital space.


The main idea behind the concept for this application is creating a digital entertainment center for a new range of Quicksilver skateboards. This entertainment center allows the audiences to, customize skateboard decks, navigate a variety of different designs, skateboard shapes & wheels and tricks. This application also enables the audiences to play games such as fingerboard skating which uses controls that are all flick and tap based whereby once you’ve customized your skateboard you get to skate around a small skatepark.

The concept of the design for the interface is based upon the graffiti style for the look and feel because skateboarding, as a sport and culture represents the innercity way of life. For each button there’s a skater performing a different trick which forms some kind of motion for the opening animation of the application. The colors and effects used for the background on both pages artistically represent the gritty innercity street culture by blending the orange, yellowish reddish and purplish spray paint on the brick texture of the wall along with the shadows reflected behind the button images which create a more realistic element to the design outlook.

The fact that Quiksilver is known to be synonymous with the surfer culture and has attempted to popularize its brand amongst the skater culture was the motivation behind the concept of this application.

target audience
Target Audience
  • Male & Female Amature, semi-professional, and professional skaters
  • Have an interest in other extreme sporting activities such as, BMX & motor biking, surfing, and snowboarding.
  • Youth between the ages 10 – 15yrs based from junior to senior high school level
  • Youth within high LSM groups that are technology savvy and possess any of the latest apple products such as, I-Pods, I-Pads, I-phone and have access to internet both at home and at school.
  • Have enough disposable allowance for recreational activities
  • Are into skater fashion and often hangout and socialize at skater parks with others that also form part of the skater culture.
  • Listen to contemporary music genres such as, Rock, Hip Hop and Electro genres such as, Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Electro breaks.
  • Familiar with other major skateboarding media brands such as, Skateboarder mag, Thrasher & Slap magazine and ESPN X Games

Main Interface Page

Customize Page

web references
Web References
  • App concept design – feel free skateboard wallpaper/
  • Background image used for main page – ROBLOX background/
  • Button images on main page -
  • Background image used for customize page - rowleysq_800x600-800x600.jpg/
  • Button Images on customize page -