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consumer tech and electronic warfare n.
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Consumer Tech and Electronic Warfare PowerPoint Presentation
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Consumer Tech and Electronic Warfare

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Consumer Tech and Electronic Warfare
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Consumer Tech and Electronic Warfare

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  1. Consumer Tech and Electronic Warfare Justin Mingledorff CSCE390 April 11, 2012

  2. Overview • The capabilities of today’s consumer electronics. • Consumers now possess tech that was once reserved for the DoD and the military. • According to Information Week, it is now possible to purchase commercial off-the-shelf components for more than 90% of the electronics needed for an electronic warfare system.

  3. 8-Step Process • Ethical Issues: • Possible dangers to the public through readily available tech. • Denying public potentially beneficial tech is an issue. • Stakeholders: • Consumers • Would want the benefits and convenience of tech. • DoD, Military, Government • May have access to proprietary tech not available to consumers, would also want any tech that could be dangerous in the wrong hangs off the consumer market and only available to them. • Possible Solutions: • Create a group to judge as to whether tech is safe to make available to the public. This group should include both civilians and military and should vote on technology to determine whether it could be available to the public. • Make all technology available to consumers regardless of danger. • Any potentially dangerous technologies kept within the DoD and the military regardless of potential public good.

  4. 8-Step Process Cont. • Thoughts on Solutions: • The first solution is likely the better of the three, appeals to both sides and both sides have representation. Also, both sides benefit from the solution. • The last two solutions are extremes, one to the DoD and military, and one towards the consumer market. • These solutions are not good solutions because they benefit only one party or the other and either could cause issues down the road.

  5. ACM Code • The ACM Code has several clauses that apply: • Contribute to society and human well-being • Keeping tech off of the consumer market would be counter-productive to this point • Avoid Harm to Others • Not filtering and controlling the technology that is put onto the market could indirectly cause harm to people. • Be Fair and Take Action Not to Discriminate • If tech is highly beneficial to the public, and does not present too much of a danger, it should not be kept from the public. The military is not the only body that should benefit from advances in technology.

  6. The End • Article: DARPA: Consumer Tech Can Aid Electronic Warfare. • URL: