vermont marble america s monument stone n.
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Vermont Marble: America’s Monument Stone. Fire Jamb. jamb also jambe  ( jm ) n . 1. One of a pair of vertical posts or pieces that together form the sides of a door, window frame, or fireplace , for example. 2. A projecting mass or columnar part.

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fire jamb
Fire Jamb

jamb also jambe  (jm)


1. One of a pair of vertical posts or pieces that together form the sides of a door, window frame, or fireplace, for example.

2. A projecting mass or columnar part.


word of the day marmoreal
Word of the Day: marmoreal


  • MEANING: adjective: Resembling marble or a marble statue, for example, in smoothness, whiteness, hardness, coldness, or aloofness.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin marmoreus (made of marble) from marmor (marble). Earliest documented use: 1798.


"Bernhard Schlink's intelligent book [The Reader] has been frozen in marmoreal stillness.”

class schedule
Class Schedule

18 September 2012

drivers trip to vermont
Drivers - Trip to Vermont
  • CJ Smith
  • Mike Galbraith – Returns Early
  • Ann & Bob Hargraves
  • Phil Hobbie – From/To Quechee
  • John & Katie Manchester
  • Cindy Rand
  • John Whitcomb
trip to vermont1
Trip to Vermont
  • Cost = $50 (unused portion will be refunded).
  • Pay today at break or after class, and coordinate with drivers today, if possible.
  • Meet at D.O.C. House next Tuesday at 7am. Return about 630pm.
word press internet site
Word Press Internet Site
  • Invitation email for you to become an “author”
  • Optional – You do not have to participate
  • Follow instructions on email for setting up your user name and password, if you want to participate.
  • You will be authorized to post comments, documents, photos, websites, etc. to our class site.
  • I will enter a running summary of materials covered and bonus materials not covered in class on the website as the course progresses.
  • The website will remain open after the course ends.
tv program

TV Program

Abandoned – National Geography Channel

Wed 26 Sep @ 9:30pm