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Universal @ddressing. Stefan Lindholm Chairman, UPU Telematics Cooperative and the Advanced Electronic Services User Group . Universal Postal Union at a glance. UPU, a not-for-profit UN agency for the Global Postal Industry 190 countries, 700,000 post offices

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Universal @ddressing l.jpg

Universal @ddressing

Stefan Lindholm

Chairman, UPU Telematics Cooperative and the Advanced Electronic Services User Group

Universal postal union at a glance l.jpg
Universal Postal Union at a glance

  • UPU, a not-for-profit UN agency for the Global Postal Industry

    • 190 countries, 700,000 post offices

    • The largest physical distribution network in the world.

    • In 2002 the Posts distributed..

      • a total of 425 billion domestic items.

      • a total of 6.7 billion international items.

  • The UPU is committed to deliver the UN Universal Service.

  • Keeping pace with customer behaviour, Posts are increasingly using new technologies to move…

    …“beyond the physical mailbox into every household and every business desktop”.

Slide3 l.jpg

Mass- and niche market

Every company & household

every working day

Global Trust

Address Competence

Physical - electronic

Posts inherited & developed skills

Upu bridging the digital divide l.jpg
UPU - Bridging the Digital Divide

  • By migrating their universal delivery commitment to the online world, postal services can ensure that citizens have better and easier access to internet connectivity and services.

  • A growing number of UPU member postal administrations have intensified their cooperation with the telecommunications sector to develop tele-kiosk and hybrid mail combining electronic transmission and a physical delivery.

  • Standards are now developing to support this bridge over the digital divide.

Slide5 l.jpg

UPU ­ Universal @ddressing PT (P@U)

and POST*Code project

  • Origin: Resolution C 87/1999, from the Beijing Congress

  • Aims: promote and improve the quality of domestic and international mail services

  • Products: Developing a product range on:

    • 1.-addressing systems: «Standard S-42 »

    • « Postal Addressing Systems »

    • 2.-postcodes : « Universal POST*CODE® Database »

Post code standard s 42 l.jpg
POST*Code: Standard S-42


  • prepare a dictionary of address types and elements

  • define address structures (country by country) and templates in natural language and XML.


  • EDIFACT and XML message

Post code standard s42 l.jpg
POST*Code: Standard S42

Postal Address Components : Dictionary

Post code standard s42 natural language l.jpg
POST*Code: Standard S42, natural language

Address template in Natural Language Notation, example: United States of America

[\ (12.33 supplementary despatch data) {L} \)

< [\ [10.04 addressee role descriptor {precedence1}] [10.05 form of address] [10.06/1 given name part 1] [10.06/2 given name part 2] [10.06/3 given name part 3] [10.08 surname] [10.09 name qualifier] [10.10 qualification] {L} \]

[\ [10.04 addressee role descriptor {precedence2}] (10.03 function) {L} \]

[\ [11.11 mailee role descriptor {precedence1}] [11.05 form of address] [11.06/1 given name part 1] [11.06/2 given name part 2] [11.06/3 given name part 3] [11.08 surname] [11.09 name qualifier] [11.10 qualification] {L} \]

[\ [11.11 mailee role descriptor {precedence2}] (11.03 function) {L} \]

[\ [11.11 mailee role descriptor {precedence3}] (11.02/2 succeeding organisational unit) {L} \]

[\ [11.11 mailee role descriptor {precedence4}] (11.00/2 succeeding organisation name) [11.01/2 succeeding organisation legal status] {L} \] >

< [\ (10.00 organisation name) [10.01 organisation legal status] {L} \]

[\ [10.04 addressee role descriptor] (10.02 organisational unit) {L} \] >

[\ (13.17 district) {L} \]

<(\ (14.21 thoroughfare name) [13.19 delivery service type] [13.20 delivery service indicator] {L} \)>

<(\ (13.19 delivery service type) (13.20 delivery service indicator) {L} \)>

<(\ (14.24 street number or plot) [14.23/1 preceding thoroughfare qualifier] (14.21 thoroughfare name) [14.22 thoroughfare type] [14.23/2 succeeding thoroughfare qualifier] [14.31/1 secondary unit type] [14.31/2 secondary unit identifier] {L} \)>

(\ (13.16 town) (13.15 region) (13.13/1 primary postcode) [13.13/2 secondary postcode] {L} \)

[\ (13.14 country) {L} \]

Post code standard s42 by xml l.jpg

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


This is the PATDL USPS template representing the street address, postal box, and rural route formats using UPU codes and rendition instructions. It has been validated using the Postal Address Template description Language (PATDL) v2.2 W3C schema. The file name is straddr.xml


<!DOCTYPE patdl.xml SYSTEM "patdl.dtd">

<patdl22.xml xmlns:xsi=http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance”


<!-- -->













































POST*Code: Standard S42 by XML

Post code standard s4210 l.jpg
POST*Code: Standard S42

Address example: United States of America

Address elements

10.06/1 CECIL

10.06/2 BOB



14.24 2800

14.23/1 N


14.22 CIR

14.23/2 E

14.31/1 UNIT

14.31/2 C100


13.15 CA

13.13/1 92260

13.13/2 3002

13.14 USA

Formatted address




PALM SPRINGS CA 92260-3002


Universal post code database l.jpg
Universal POST*CODE® database

A worldwide postcode database to street level for more than 190 countries when available.

General description:

  • flat files, text/ASCII, raw data, TABulator separator,

  • quarterly updates (included),

  • all postcodes in the uniform POST*CODE® format

The physical address is key to l.jpg
The physical address is key to…

  • Legal address, tax, social sec, children, work..

  • Utilities, electricity, gas, cable, petrol…

  • telecom…

  • Credit cards

  • Bank

  • Drivers licence

  • eID certificate (electronic identification)

  • Letter and parcel address

  • eGovernment

Privacy issues l.jpg
Privacy issues

  • Posts only, have delivery address directory

  • Posts provide UN - Universal Services “letter secrecy”

  • The individual only, allow for listing of address

  • Telephone directory – listed / not listed

  • .Post will provide privacy protection

@post aliases by the protected address l.jpg
@post – Aliases by the protected “address”

Change address on-line

Mail collect

Mail forward





Electronic ID

Unique secret serial number


@post addresses l.jpg

Anna Hansson

Storgatan 34

19397-1234 Bro


@post - Addresses

Anna Hansson

Storgatan 34

S-193 97 Bro


The same address as used today!



Slide16 l.jpg

Post box

Telephone no

The Z - num


IP Address

Z - Post*Code

The Znum ideá…

The post s 42 standard in reality l.jpg
The .post + S-42 standard in reality..

  • Use of existing address infrastructure investments

  • Electronic PostBox svcs’ migrating to .post domains

  • Geographical eMessaging – rural, local & global

  • Demographical eMessaging - rural, local & global

  • Posts sort by physical or electronic address

  • Electronicadvise of physical delivery

  • Business system integration

  • Etc…

    Migration – will allow people to manage their comm’s!!

Standard s 43 epm electr postmark l.jpg
Standard S-43, ePM, Electr. PostMark

The UPU eDocument standard for electronic signatures and privacy protection.

Upu e lectronic postmark e pm l.jpg
UPU electronic PostMark, ePM

ePM is the UPU PKI based eSignature service with legal ramifications, built on…

  • A UPU global PKI policy by UPU Congress 1999

  • Posts strengths for In-Person-Proofing (IPP)

  • Imbedded Signer sw by leading PC sw suppliers

  • Transparency of electronic & physical Signatures

  • Signers and Recipients see what they do/get (WYSIWIG)

Epm electronic postmark upu s 43 l.jpg
EPM – Electronic PostMark, UPU S-43

  • Electronic PostMark standard

    “Interface and functionality standard”

    • UPU S43 – approval Nov 2003 UPU Standards Board

    • CEN TC331 – under review for approval 2004

    • OASIS DSS – to be approved Q2 2004

  • Applications Established by Us, Pt, Be, Ca, Fr

    • Via Microsoft and Adobe

    • Documents

    • Forms

    • Applications

    • Any Web/Internet “paper”

Non repudiation for all forms of communication l.jpg
Non-repudiation for all forms of communication.

  • For any document, form or “piece of electronic paper” – non-repudiation is applied in the form of a “stamp” that also seals the document

  • Using Microsoft/Adobe applications, the EPM stamp is part of the software

  • Once applied, the item is sealed as if it were in the mail – it cannot be tampered or corrected without trace

@post aliases l.jpg
@post - Aliases

Change address on-line

Mail collect

Mail forward





Electronic ID

Unique secret serial number


Further information l.jpg
Further information

  • Electronic PostMark : S-43, please visit:


  • POST*code standard : S-42, please visit: http://www.upu.int/post_code/en/addressing_formats.html

  • POST*CODE®database: http://www.upu.int/publications/en/post_code_database.shtml

Upu position for the future l.jpg
UPU – position for the future

  • Posts are the “the timeless societal trust-hubs for trade & communication” in LDCs as well as DCs.

  • Posts traditionally deliver tools for worldwide physical…

    • Communication

    • Distribution

    • Payments

  • Now, standards are available to migrate the physical and the electronics eg. Post*Code and Electronic PostMark with a global outlook and strong privacy protection

    “.POST” sTLD will advance these values and further standard developments in a sponsored environment for all”

  • = Tools for “Trade & Communication”

    Upu post for universal e services l.jpg
    UPU .post for Universal eServices

    Thank You for your attention !!