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GroceryList++. (Meal Based Shopping List). Team Members. Darrin Cole Major: Computer Science Outside Interests: Video games, reading Anna Kong Major: Informatics: HCI Outside Interests: Hiking, Drawing. Staci Menz Major : Computer Science Outside Interests: Video games, music, reading

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(Meal Based Shopping List)

team members
Team Members

Darrin Cole

Major: Computer Science

Outside Interests: Video games, reading

Anna Kong

Major: Informatics: HCI

Outside Interests: Hiking, Drawing

Staci Menz

  • Major: Computer Science
  • Outside Interests: Video games, music, reading

Brian Chan

  • Major: Informatics
  • Outside Interests: Gaming, Football, Android

Peter Huss

  • Major: Computer Science, Statistics
  • Outside Interests: Running, music, video games
top 3 4 problems
Top 3-4 problems
  • Pantry: we want to be able to keep an inventory of the groceries we already have
  • Shopping List: a list that can automatically generate based on recipes the user has selected and whats currently in our "pantry“
  • Dietary Concerns: we want to save preferences about our dietary concerns. For example perhaps we don't want to see recipes that contain peanuts because a family member is allergic.
  • Recipe Sharing/Browsing: we want to be able to share recipes with others, browse through recipes found online, search for different types of recipes, and be able to add some/all ingredients for a recipe to our shopping list.
top problem
Top Problem

Creating a shopping list from recipe browsing:

  • Combines two of our top 4 problems to form the main goal we have in mind
  • We want to be able to plan meals by picking recipes, and then form a shopping list for the items we would need for those recipes
top problem reasoning
Top Problem - Reasoning

Creating a shopping list from recipe browsing:

  • We chose this as our top problem because it is something that we would like to be able to do, that doesn't seem to exist.
  • Creating a shopping list and being able to browse recipes are two problems that are essential to meal planning, and being able to do both with one app would be ideal
  • It also would be more efficient, since you won't have to write down all the ingredients you need for each recipe - the app would do it for you.
problem analysis significance
Problem Analysis - Significance
  • Planning meals for a family can be very difficult and time consuming
  • Even more difficult knowing what ingredients are needed for those meals
  • Difficult to type each individual ingredient, would be nice to have an "add all" feature
problem analysis stakeholders
Problem Analysis - Stakeholders

Families, housemates, etc.

  • Anyone who wants to or has to cook their own meals, or cook for large groups
  • App streamlines planning, purchasing, cooking
  • Possible monetary incentives (coupon offers)
problem analysis stakeholders1
Problem Analysis - Stakeholders

Stores, corporations

  • Potential to draw in business
    • (Customers + Revenue)
  • Financial incentive to support app
  • Have reason to partner if coupon offers are added later
problem analysis precedents
Problem Analysis - Precedents

Recipe Browsers

  • Apps with advanced recipesearching and filtering
  • Includes ingredients list,preparation instructions, favorites,meal randomization, & more
  • Despite all these features, theylack grocery list integration - haveto save or write down eachingredient
problem analysis precedents1
Problem Analysis - Precedents

Shopping Checklists

  • Essentially checklist / to-do list applications with slightly more features
  • Autocomplete / categorization ofingredients, price estimates, list syncing& sharing, barcode scanning, pantry list
  • Lacks integration with recipe browsers.Typing each ingredient is slow.No guidance when making list
problem analysis competition
Problem Analysis - Competition

AnyList for iOS

  • Fairly new app. First to effectivelyintegrate grocery lists and recipebrowsing.
  • Making a list is easy - look up recipes for the week and simply "add all ingredients“ to your list
  • Acts as an recipe aggregator by parsing many different recipe websites instead of having its own recipe database
problem analysis competition1
Problem Analysis - Competition

AnyList for iOS (cont.)

  • We can improve on this by polishing features and understanding the customer
  • Pantry feature will eliminate unnecessary items in list
  • Better recipe discovery: filter based on preparation time, dietary restrictions, type of dish, price, etc.
  • Greater focus on meal planning – more than just individual recipes