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Control Freak. Control Freak!. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. Emily Muro & Xijun Zhu. Contents. The Brodie Set A Class of its own. Politics Within the book and history. Marxist View. Background Information. Miss Brodie’s Ideology . Marxist View- Defined.

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control freak

Control Freak

Control Freak!

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Emily Muro & Xijun Zhu


The Brodie Set

A Class of its own


Within the book and history

Marxist View



Miss Brodie’s


marxist view defined
Marxist View- Defined
  • Relating the text to the reality of the time period
  • Book published in the 1960’s, postwar
    • Readers are familiar with the loss and entitlement
    • There is a generation of Britons who were able to look back at the class system before the war and understand only pieces of it without knowing its nuances (Kelly)
      • This book brings to light the nuances of the class systems and the injustices associated with it
  • Miss Brodie’s battle for Lowther parallels Hitler’s Third Reich (which Miss Brodie went to see in the book)
    • She, represents Hitler’s new reign, tries to outshine the Kerr sisters, which represent a previous, genteel generation
      • she feeds Lowther and sleeps with him; like Hitler, she uses new tactics
the brodie class
The Brodie Class
  • How the Brodie set was viewed as their own house/class and the other girl were envious
  • A type of class struggle is that once you are involved in a class it is difficult to break out of it
    • “it was impossible for them to escape from the Brodie set because they were the Brodie set in the eyes of the school” (LOOK UP IN BOOK)
    • Even though they were placed in different houses within their school, they were not very involved in those houses because they were still The Brodie Set (FIND QUOTE
  • They were “famous”
  • Viewed as one
    • When Mr. Lloyd painted them they were “a different Jean Brodie under the forms of Rose, Sandy, Jenny, Mary, Monica and Eunice” (LOOK UP IN BOOK)

The taking of ideas and making them a reality

  • Because Miss. Brodie has spread her ideas to her “set” she has created a class within the school that is very different from the rest of the school
    • Class struggle between Miss. Brodie’s set and the rest of the school
    • Miss Brodie believed in living a significant life
      • Vocational way of life
    • Believed in taking advantage of ones prime
    • Forces her opinions onto her students
      • Gains psychological control over them